Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Balloon Glow

We had a busy weekend over at Casa De Granny's D's! We were had Uncle Davey home, the Erker/Welsch wedding, and the Balloon Glow in Forest Park on Friday night! Whew, I am still tired just writing about it. Auntie called on Thursday and asked if we wanted to go to the Balloon Glow on Friday and we were so excited! It is a tradition in St. Louis, you can read about it here. BJ and I were saying we haven't been in years and it did not disappoint! They have all these balloons and you can watch them fill up and they "glow" at night. You can walk around inside and look at all of them. They are so big and peaceful - it was such a fun night! Connor was very well behaved and had such a great time with his Auntie and cousins! Don't they look beautiful? They all "chase" the energizer bunny - it is so neat! They had one that looked like a gum ball machine, it was our favorite! Connor was fascinated with the "lights" as they were glowing. He couldn't stop staring at them! At then end, they had fireworks! We were delighted, as Connor fell asleep before the fireworks on his first fourth of July. He loved them though - he just started at the pretty lights in the sky!
We had such a nice time. We brought some dinner, brewski's and brownies - it was a delicious little feast! Thanks so much for the invite Rice's, we can't wait to do it again next year! We were hoping to see the ballons as they took off the next day, but we didn't see them. Aunt Jen said she saw them on the way over to babysit that night, but we missed them.

Baby Bangs and Wings?

So, I have been noticing these AWESOME "bangs" and "wings" framing my lovely face lately and it's been driving me crazy! I think I look a hot mess most days, but with the addition of the aforementioned bangs and wings I look ever worse! I could not figure out why on earth I would be growing these new baby hairs, and yesterday I came across this blog and I laughed out loud! I will take baby bangs and wings any day as it means that I have my sweet boy, but lord have mercy my hair is a fright! Once I stopped breastfeeding I noticed my hair started falling out again and I lost the luxurious pregnancy hair - but this I will say is an unwelcome side effect of the old pregnancy. Oh well, maybe it will get better?

Momma's out there with baby bangs, any advice? Can I schlack them back? Cut them off? Tame them in anyway? Maybe one of these days I will post a picture, but I am sure no one wants to see my crazy flyaway hairs!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Proofing!

It was kind of funny, I was talking to Dr. Calfee at Connor's 9 month appointment and told her he was scooting all over the place and getting close to crawling, but he wasn't quite there yet. She laughed and said to go ahead and start thinking about baby-proofing the house as he would soon be on the loose. Little did I know that he would be on the loose an hour later after his appointment! So, it was off to Babies R Us for me! If you know me, you know that Babies R Us is not my favorite place on earth - so thankfully I knew what I needed! I was also pretty thankful that Annie was home to answer my panicked questions about what kind of crib guard to get! I think the little man is all set - he won't be able to crawl down the stairs, up the stairs, put his fingers in any light sockets, open any cabinet doors he shouldn't, or bit the paint off of his crib! Whew! I think we are as Connor proofed as we can be!

Curious Connor

The Little Man is in to EVERYTHING these days - it's hilarious! His eyes light up when he sees my keys in my hand, or my phone in my ear. He also loves to play with anything that is not a "toy" - hence the bread crumbs box I threw him the other day while I was making dinner. He loved it - he chased after it, the dogs stuck their noses in it - it was pretty funny! I love it though, I love that he is entertained by a bread crumbs box, I hope he always is and his imagination grows and imagines all the possibilities with things like bread crumb boxes.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

9 Months Old!

Can you believe it? The little man is 9 months old! It is so crazy to me that a few months from now I will be posting pictures of his first birthday party - unbelievable how fast it's going! We had quite the eventful 9 month birthday! For starters, you started crawling in the afternoon! I brought you home from your doctor's appointment and you looked at Granny and I and took off! It was hysterical - your little legs kept crossing, but you just kept right on crawling! You were so proud of yourself and I looked up at Granny with a huge smile and said, "looks like Momma's going to Babies 'R Us tomorrow morning!"
How do you celebrate your 9 month birthday? By going to the park of course! After daddy got home we decided to put you in the stroller, get the doggies on the leash and head to the park for a little family outing! We had such a nice time - you were having fun watching the doggies from your stroller and listening to the band from the football game at the end of the street. After we wore the doggies out, you got to swing on the swings and you know you loved that!
We just had such a nice time as a little family and I am so thankful for all the moments we have like this, they brighten my day and get me through the long days at work! This month has been HUGE for you! You started pulling yourself up, army crawling, crawling, your first two teeth came in and you have been able to start eating "cookies" and hunks of banana! You got two shots at your doctor's appointment and you were such a brave little boy, I was so proud of you. You love to interact, play outside, play with the doggies, snuggle in bed with momma and daddy, play with granny's glasses and laugh! You don't use your little bathtub anymore, you just sit in the big bathtub! You have grown and changed so much and we love everything that each new day brings. You are wonderful and we love you so very much! And, because I know you are wondering...
Your Stats:
Weight: 18 3/4 lbs! - 25th percentile
Height: 28 1/4 in. - 50th percentile
Head Circ: 45 cm. - 50th percentile!
Wowzers - you are in the 50% now big boy and growing like a weed!

Little Britches

I was looking for something in the attic the other day and came across the little rocking chair my grandpa made for me. I asked my mom if I could have it for CFJ's little room and she said of course! So, I cleaned it off and brought it outside for the little man to play with, as he is a bit of an outdoors man. After letting him play with it for a bit, I realized just how stinkin big he looks in his overalls and had to take a few pictures!

I just thought he looked a little too cute - he hasn't worn overalls since he was a tiny little man! It is getting me so excited to get him in his "fall and winter" attire! He was so cute, he was mesmerized by all of the cars and people driving by - and he loved his rocking horse!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Grandparent's Day!

I am officially the world's worst Momma. I completely forgot about Grandparent's Day. How in the world could I forget about a day honoring four of the most special people in Connor's life? I feel terrible, thankfully Granny D reminded me last night! Connor is so fortunate to have his Granny - not only for her giving us a roof over our head these days, but for loving him to pieces. I tell her all the time I am convinced she didn't love David and I as much as she loves Connor. It makes my heart so happy to see them together - they both get equally excited to see each other and I tell him all the time that not all boys are so lucky and get to see their Granny everyday!

Connor is also so fortunate to have his Nana who watches him one or two days a week (depending on the week!). She is so wonderful and loves her little sweet pea so much! She takes such great care of him and he gets so excited when we say, let's go to Nana and Grandpa's house! He loves it when she sings to him - and when they put their feet in the pool. My heart also melts every time I see them together and think of all the memories they are creating.

Connor is also blessed to have his Grandpa in his life. He loves Connor so much and thinks he is the world's cutest baby. Connor watches him shave on the mornings he goes to Nana and Grandpa's. I can't wait for all of the sports games they will watch together on tv and all of the sporting events Grandpa will attend that Connor plays. They just loves each other and I thank God everyday we were able to move back home to be with our family.

Not only does Connor have the three best grandparent's in St. Louis, he has the world's best Guardian Angel Pa-Pa in heaven. I know that my dad loves Connor and will always watch out for him. What more can a Momma and Daddy ask for? Three great grandparent's in the flesh and one in heaven. We are so blessed and we love you Granny, Nana and Grandpa to pieces! Thank you for being so wonderful and so special!


On Saturday, I had a wedding to go to (Congrats Elise and Greg!!!) and Daddy and CFJ went to Nana and Grandpa's house to watch the Notre Dame game! We are huge Notre Dame fans as it is Grandpa Terry's Alma Mater and Daddy has watched them all his life. They were playing Michigan on Saturday - a huge rival and it was the perfect day for CFJ to show off all of his gear!
He had so much fun hanging out with Grandpa and he can't wait for the rest of the games in the future he will get to sit and watch with Grandpa and Daddy! Don't they look handsome in their outfits?
Here we see the little man getting a head start on some beer drinking during the games! He looks a little too cozy with that bud light bottle, don't you think? Am I going to have my hands full with this one? Don't you love the "Little Irish" hat? We found that at the outlets in Indiana on the way home from Michigan!
The little man and his daddy! I think I have some pretty cute boys in my life! P.S. - Are my pictures blurry? They are blurry to me and it's driving me crazy! Anyone else noticing this?

Snoozing? I think Not...

The other day when after I put Connor down for his nap, I heard him fussing. It was only about 20 minutes into the nap and that is unusual for the little man. I let him fuss for a few minutes before I decided to check on him (I am such a sucker, I know!). Well, when I opened the door, this is what I found! The little peanut had pulled down his bumper pads and was attempting to scale the back of his crib! It was pretty funny!
What did I do you ask? Oh, I didn't let him peacefully continue, oh no! I flipped the lights on, ran for the camera and took about 50 pictures of my sweet baby trying to pull himself up on the side of his crib! He just looked so cute and he was so proud of himself :) I "helped" him get all the way up and then we just played. He "walked" around the crib and laughed while I brushed the tears off my face because my little boy is growing up before my eyes!


Almost There...
Such determination.
Hiya Folks - Connor here! Aren't you all proud of my new skills? I am very much enjoying my army crawling - and I am certainly keeping Momma, Daddy, Granny, Ne Ne, Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Jen on their toes these days! They sometimes think that they are going to leave me in the living room while they run to the bathroom, or to check their email, but I quickly remind them that I am now in fact MOBILE and will follow them wherever they go! They were laughing the other day about how I was half way out the kitchen after they set me down in the living room - I am getting really fast and I love it! I even will crawl all over the bed when they let me snuggle with them in the mornings (it's my favorite) trying to get to my doggies. My favorite thing to do is get to the other end of the bed and start chewing on the foot board like Scout and Sedona did when they were puppies! My next trick I am working on is pulling myself up in my crib - I am really close, but I can't quite get all the way up! I heard Momma and Daddy talking about how they were going to have to lower my bed - I better hurry up and master that trick! Oh, and by the way, my momma said instead of only putting the one picture she planned on up, she had to put 3, because I am that just that stinkin cute!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Moose is on the Loose!

After four long days - I THINK my video uploaded (I gave up on blogger and went to you tube!) :) Like I mentioned before, we had a really busy Labor Day weekend! During Labor Day weekend - beginning Thursday, Connor grew 2 teeth, started pulling himself up, and started crawling!!!!! Ah, my little moose is on the loose and cute as ever! He hasn't totally gotten him belly up off the floor (thought yesterday and today he was trying!) and he army crawls ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen! He can go from sitting to crawling and is working on pulling himself out of the tummy position and back up to sitting. Seriously, where does the time go?! Here is a little video of his cuteness crawling around the floor! Enjoy :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

UP, UP and AWAY He Goes!

That's right - the little man is pulling himself up! Let's just say that this weekend was a big one around Casa De Granny D's! He was a busy boy this weekend learning all new tricks! He was so determined, I sat him next to the couch and the next think he was up! He had the cutest little look of determination on his face and we were so proud of him! He has been doing it pretty consistently every since! Now he wants to pull up on everything, the little wiggle worm!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soulard Farmer's Market

We went to the Soulard Farmer's Market on Saturday with our friends Greg and Meredith and we had such a great time! We feel like we have just been so busy with life that we haven't taken the time to get out and hang out with everyone - so it was so nice to take advantage of the long weekend and hang out! It was POURING outside and we looked so funny getting Connor inside, we said that we need the "rain shelter" for the Bob!
Hanging out on Dada's shoulders - checking things out from on top!
Greg and Meredith - the soon to be Mr. and Mrs!
The little family!
His Cuteness!!!
See, I wasn't joking - we looked hilarious strolling inside! He was asleep so we took him in in the car seat - we had his car seat cover on, a blanket and two umbrellas! We are totally crazy :) I look a hot mess - but C man was helping me hold the umbrella on the way back to the car. You might ask why he wasn't sitting in his stroller? Well, we bought too much food and he got booted out and Momma had to carry him :) As you can tell, I minded dearly!
The result of our adventure - the little man is going to be eating on this for awhile! It took me all afternoon, but he has a good supply of sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, squash, zucchini, green beans, blueberries and eggplant!

Two By Two...

This precious drooly man's toofers are coming in!!!!!! AH! Our baby is getting too big - too fast! I picked him up from Nana's house on Thursday, he was a little cranky and you could tell his teeth were bothering him. We got home and did a little playing on the floor when he took my hand and pulled it into his mouth and lo and behold he had two little jagged toofers coming through! The bottom middle to be exact :) I was so excited and so thankful that those nasty little buggers have finally popped through - my poor sweet man has been a bit of a "teething tyrant" around the house lately and we are all thankful he may finally have some relief! It is crazy because I can see the top of them when he opens his mouth now - I can't believe it. What next, a girlfriend?! As soon as I can capture a picture of them, I will post it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Where is Connor?


Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Hot Mess!

After C finishes dinner he sometimes likes to "feed" himself. This particular evening he was all over the place and Momma ended up with a hot mess :) He was too funny - I am not totally sure how I got carrots all over him, but he looked a little too cute to not snap a picture of! He fed himself the rest of his yogurt while I finished cooking dinner - and after we all finished up dinner he went straight on in the bath tub!

BlaBla Monkey

Connor got this "BlaBla" monkey as a gift from my mom's friend Joannie and he LOVES it! I just started putting in his crib - I have been putting "surprises" in a corner or two for a little while to entice him to scoot around. I figured it would be a fun surprise to find a little monkey or a lovey after all the hard work of scooting around. I have gone in to check on him several times now and he will have his little monkey under one arm (or sleeping on it) and the corner of his blanket in the other one. It's pretty stinkin cute! I just had to get a little picture of him - the flash kind of startled him, but I think he still looks pretty precious!
Really, Momma? Another picture?
Okay - I guess I can cheese it up one more time :)

Isn't he sweet? My little monkey? I love that he has started chewing on the corner of his blanket because I did that when I was a baby too!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

That Spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Not trouble in a bad way - but I can see a few years from now these two co-horting on the couch different ways to scare Momma!
I don't think they could be any sweeter. Bj was drinking his coffee and Cj was "drinking" out of his sippy cup watching Sports Center the other morning. I have a feeling that is not the last time I will see my sweet boys on the couch watching Sports Center and I love, love, love it!