Monday, November 18, 2013

Kirkwood Farmers Market

I love fall, it was a really fun time of year before having kids but its even MORE fun having kids! I just love all the things to do, the colors, smells and beautiful weather! One of my all-time favorite places to go in the fall is the Kirkwood Farmer's market. They are only open with the fun rides the month of October and I think we went every week! They had some new attractions this year too, it was a good year! 

I know I am biased but he is a pretty cute little bugger :) I will be sad when fall is over and I have to put away his pumpkin hat, I sure do love that hat :) 

We HAD to test out the new Andy's and I think Evs was so disappointed he couldn't have any that he fell asleep :) We took our andy's to the market and played around for a little while, nothing better to do on a beautiful sunday afternoon. 

Happy little buster swinging away! 

Brauetigam's Orchards, Pumpkin Patch #2!

We took our second trip to the pumpkin patch, another one we go to every year! We love the hayride out to the field, the apple cider slushies and this year we were early enough we were able to pick apples! 
Connor loves the apple cider slushes, they are pretty good :) I love that they give the little guys samples so they aren't getting too much! I would like to note that the weather did NOT warrent long sleeved sweaters, BUT I had bought matching sweaters for this very purpose and we were going to wear them so we did :) Poor kids, they were probably sweating by the end, haha!

Connor was on a mission, he was ready to find pumpkins for the whole family, it was pretty cute. He did a great job, he really picked one out for each of us, they were in "size" order too it was pretty cute. 

This was the best I got of my little pumpkins. Poor Connor was doing a good job smiling but Evs was distracted by everything going on :) 

Evs and I sat and watched Connor while he played with all of the machines and animals and he wanted to pose for a few pictures with our pumpkins. Sweet buddy!

We got dropped off while Daddy and Connor went to get the car. It was just another opportunity for me to take a few more pictures :) It was a great day at the pumpkin patch, we got all of our pumpkins and then we made some homemade applesauce for Evan and the rest of us to enjoy :) 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

7 Months!

My sweet precious, happy little 7 month old! I still can't get over just how sweet and happy you are. You are such a laid back, easy natured baby. You have been from the start and it hasn't changed a bit. You have some stubborn in you (you may have gotten it from both of us) but you really just go with the flow and you are SO GOOD! You really only fuss when something is upsetting you, or sometimes when you aren't with your Momma :) You are a momma's boy through and through! You have started to pick up a little stranger danger and don't always like going to other people. In fact, you have been banned from hanging with your buddies at the door of preschool drop off because you cry :) 

You are just growing like a weed! You are in 9 month clothes and growing fast! You are eating breakfast and dinner now, we haven't started lunch yet. You are nursing every 3-4 hours, and sleeping 12 hours at night. It really is amazing what sleep can do for your momma, I feel like a whole new person!

You are such a happy baby. Uncle Bill just refers to you as "happy" and wants to know how you are. Since you started crawling you have only gotten faster. Now you are climbing up on everything. It was like all of a sudden you would crawl over to something and pull yourself up. I know you are a ways away from crawling but sometimes I will see you let go and stand on your own for just a minute. Crazy boy, slow down!

I think your teeth are starting to think about coming in, I can see them, but no bumps yet. You chew on everything and you are a drooling mess, we shall see when those teeth start to pop in!

You have the most beautiful blue eyes! You and your brother both, I could look at them all day long. I have people stop and tell me all the time what a beautiful baby you are. I humbly agree :) I think one of my favorite times with you is the morning. You are so happy when you wake up, I love playing in bed with you until Connor wakes up - you get so excited to see him. Sweet, precious brothers. You are starting to talk more as you are playing, I love hearing your little voice! 

As always you are an absolute joy. I still some days can't quite believe you are mine. Sweet precious birdie, we love you so very, very big!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rombach Play Date

I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch, we try and visit a few every year. Rombach's was our first trip of the year at the annual Sandra and Caroline playdate! We had such a great time, it was a beautiful day! It was kind of hard not dressing them in cute fall clothes, but it was too hot for that, ha!

I think they went down the slide together like 20 times, it was really cute! I do think Connor enjoyed it more than Evan :)

He picked out one pumpkin for himself and one for brother!

Happy little stinker! Connor didn't feel as though he wanted to smile for pictures so I got a few of the only one who will sit still for me :)

We had such a fun little day! We got a few pumpkins and then went to NeNe and Clete's for lunch! It was a nice little day and a great time introducing Evs to the pumpkin patch!

Playing and the Magic House!

This little buster is getting so big! He just cruises around and sees what he can get into. As I am typing this he is pulling paper out of the trashcan in the office, under my feet :)
We didn't have this little toy when Connor was a baby and it was on my list to purchase when we had another one. Thankfully we were able to borrow it from a friend, he loves it!

Just crawling away :) He loves to crawl to Connor when he calls him. He is starting to get pretty fast!

He is pulling himself up on everything! As I type this too, he crawled up a step yesterday! Ah! It is only a matter of time before he is walking!

Connor has the best imagination, he loves to pretend play. It is one of my favorite things about him, I hope he always has such an active imagination. He took the dogs collars off and he was using them to transport everything he needed on his cozy coupe. It made me laugh, I thought it was a pretty good idea! They need to make the "mommy hook" for little boys :)

Eliot Chapel had pj night at the magic house and the boys and I had so much fun :) Connor was really sweet and shared a little of his time playing with in the baby area for Evs :) They had matching pj's on until Connor picked his nose on the way to dinner and has blood alll over the place. It was kind of funny but not really :) haha!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

More 6 Months :)

I knew I had more six month pictures, but I just found them!

Those legs, I am having a hard time not waking him up to smooch them right now :)

I couldn't forget to post these pictures of one of my very favorite months - I LOVE me some six months and this sweet baby and his big brother :)

Swinging Boy!

This boy LOVES to swing - he gets his little laugh going and his smile is SO big, I love everything about it. He laughs and smiles the biggest when Connor pushes him, it is so very sweet. I am so thankful for our little backyard swing and not having to go far to have fun with this little stinker.

Christmas Pj's!

These christmas pj's are by far my favorite thing to sew, I LOVE them!! I am so thankful to have two little cuties to sew for this year :) I sure do love these little stinkers and I can't wait to figure out what is going on these jammies :)


This little cutie did his first little soccer practice and loved it! Funny little story about soccer :) They came home the first week and LOVED it! Connor learned a bunch of drills and had a great time. He couldn't wait to show me everything. He LOVED his coach, I was so happy as we had heard great things about this little program. The next few weeks Bj said the coach was gone and it was going okay, he said Connor was the only one who wasn't focusing. I was a little intrigued so when he asked me to go with him one day I did!
We got there and the replacement coach was very nice, but TERRIBLE! He didn't give them any instruction and then he asked the parents to come out and pass the ball back and forth with the kiddos. 45 MINUTES LATER we were STILL doing the same thing. I told Bj I was bored, it was no wonder that the kids couldn't pay attention. I felt much better knowing that it wasn't Connor or the other kids, it was the fact that at 3,4, and 5 they cannot concentrate on one thing for 45 minutes at a time. So, I called the head of the league and voiced my concerns. I am not one  to normally do stuff like that and I was a little nevous but he was very nice and assured me things would be better the next week. :)

They were and Bj said it was amazing what a good coach can do for the kids. He said they were doing drills every 5 minutes and Connor was back to loving it! It is such a fun time, I love watching him play sports and gaining confidence. That was what I was hoping he would have as this is the last year before kindergarten and its been great so far!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ice Cream, Baths, Carnival!

I just love this little cutie out of the bath tub :) Caitlin stopped by and snapped this for me! Sweet little stinker, he loves his baths! He splashes and I think the whole bathroom is wet by the time he is finished.
We walked to Yo My Goodness for Connor's school fundraiser, I mean we have to eat ice cream for dinner because it helps the school, right?! :)

I love the learning that comes with this age, and dry erase boards! Connor is always writing something one it. This one was 4 dollars and it was worth every penny!

Little cuties out for a walk!

We went to the Olivette carnival with Sandra and her crew - Connor was in heaven! We could have spent a fortune letting him go on the rides but his parents are mean (and cheap) and we only got the $10 pack of tickets and I think that got him three rides, haha! He LOVED the giant slide, his face was so funny as he was coming down it - little cutie!

I just loved Evs little crossed legs in this picture he is starting to "talk" more and more and I love this little "ooh" face! Sweet buddy :)