Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Joel Marion Photography

My mom bought us this AMAZING groupon a few months ago and I am a little behind in posting the pictures :) We had them taken a few weeks ago and Lafayette Park and I just love how they turned out. It is always nice to have a good family shot and I think the little ones of Connor turned out pretty great. Hope you enjoy :)

New Trick!

I know C is going to hate me for this when is bigger, but I just had to post! Do you like his new trick, ha?! :) He thinks it's pretty funny to KEEP sticking it up there even after we tell him not to. His new favorite though is sticking both fingers up his nose!


We didn't do much around here this weekend and it was GREAT! My mom and I are starting to take a water aerobics class on Friday mornings and there is a babysitter for the kiddos! It's fun and I thought these two looked pretty cute, we stayed after the class (it is at a friend's pool) and enjoyed the GORGEOUS day! Plus, my pale white body needed some color, ha! Saturday we took Connor to his first carnival! Bj and I laughed none of us were sure what we thought of it :) We took C on the Dizzy Dragon ride and I think we all thought we were going to get sick - and it was a kiddie ride! I can honestly say I have NEVER felt like I was going to get sick on a ride. After that we had a snow cone and thankfully C loved those because his momma and daddy love them to! We left the carnival and spent the evening with Greg and Meredith, it was lovely!
Sunday morning we played in the "bubbles" in the water tub! I threw some baby soap in there and he loved it! We kept playing "peek-a-boo" with his squirt toys! We went to the pool with Aunt Jen in the afternoon and that was our weekend in a nut shell! We look forward to doing much of the same this weekend :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Boy Haircut!

I can't believe it, but my sweet boy just had his second haircut! I was in a bit of denial so I waited until the last possible second to cut his hair for the second time :) He looks precious though and those sweet curls have stayed in tact! We loaded everyone up the other day and hit up The Hair Saloon for Men...it was GREAT! We have definitely found our new hair cut spot. Bj got a cut across the hall and C got to chomp on a lollipop, what more could you ask for?! Such a big boy! He looks pretty handsome, doesn't he?! He was PERFECT the whole time...might have had something to do with the lollipop :) Ha!
Here is a better picture of his hair...he is such a handsome little man! He was so good we decided to walk next door and treat him to some ice cream :)

City Garden

Knowing that Bj and I would be out of town for Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to have a special day with my sweet pea before leaving. We had a great Friday and met Sandra, Luca and Eli at City Garden! If you live in St. Louis, it is such a cute little place to take kiddos! They have a fountain to play in, waterfalls to walk in, spraying water to walk through and cute little bunnies to slide down! We had such a great day and it was so nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather! How cute is baby Luca?! He is getting so big before my eyes :)
Connor had fun getting in and out of the water, in and out, in and out... :)

Eli running through the splashes!

It was such a fun day, we can't wait to go back! The next day (Saturday) Bj and I left for our annual trip to the Indy 500! We had such a great time but, brace yourselves...I didn't take ANY pictures! Can you believe it?! I don't know what got into me...I just didn't bring the camera out once. It was a great race and a good time was had by all. We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!