Saturday, September 5, 2009

BlaBla Monkey

Connor got this "BlaBla" monkey as a gift from my mom's friend Joannie and he LOVES it! I just started putting in his crib - I have been putting "surprises" in a corner or two for a little while to entice him to scoot around. I figured it would be a fun surprise to find a little monkey or a lovey after all the hard work of scooting around. I have gone in to check on him several times now and he will have his little monkey under one arm (or sleeping on it) and the corner of his blanket in the other one. It's pretty stinkin cute! I just had to get a little picture of him - the flash kind of startled him, but I think he still looks pretty precious!
Really, Momma? Another picture?
Okay - I guess I can cheese it up one more time :)

Isn't he sweet? My little monkey? I love that he has started chewing on the corner of his blanket because I did that when I was a baby too!

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