Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Balloon Glow

We had a busy weekend over at Casa De Granny's D's! We were had Uncle Davey home, the Erker/Welsch wedding, and the Balloon Glow in Forest Park on Friday night! Whew, I am still tired just writing about it. Auntie called on Thursday and asked if we wanted to go to the Balloon Glow on Friday and we were so excited! It is a tradition in St. Louis, you can read about it here. BJ and I were saying we haven't been in years and it did not disappoint! They have all these balloons and you can watch them fill up and they "glow" at night. You can walk around inside and look at all of them. They are so big and peaceful - it was such a fun night! Connor was very well behaved and had such a great time with his Auntie and cousins! Don't they look beautiful? They all "chase" the energizer bunny - it is so neat! They had one that looked like a gum ball machine, it was our favorite! Connor was fascinated with the "lights" as they were glowing. He couldn't stop staring at them! At then end, they had fireworks! We were delighted, as Connor fell asleep before the fireworks on his first fourth of July. He loved them though - he just started at the pretty lights in the sky!
We had such a nice time. We brought some dinner, brewski's and brownies - it was a delicious little feast! Thanks so much for the invite Rice's, we can't wait to do it again next year! We were hoping to see the ballons as they took off the next day, but we didn't see them. Aunt Jen said she saw them on the way over to babysit that night, but we missed them.

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