Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweet Baby #2 - The Details!

And hold on to your seats because I have a feeling this post is going to be a long one :) For my record (and my BABIES!!) I wanted to keep a little history of the details surrounding our sweet little baby! As I was scanning all of the ultrasound pictures I realized I had quite a few and this is only a sampling of my favorite :) Ha!
Tuesday June 26th -- It's official, we are having another BABY! After being pretty sure I was pregnant on our trip to Colorado a little blood test confirmed and we were over the moon! My first thought was, "I am so lucky". We were too excited to do a fancy reveal to the grandparents so I ran into my mom's office to share the news :) I told my mother-in-law the next day!
Monday July 9th -- Our first ultrasound to check on the peanut! Bj made sure to double check that there was only one baby in there - and there is! One sweet little peanut looking great and already talking to us from the womb :)  I am feeling TERRIBLE at this point and loving every single minute of it, I love feeling terrible those first few weeks and knowing it's for a great reason. Really tired, my boobs hurt and starting to get nauseous. At this point I was falling asleep everynight with Connor when I put him to bed, probably some nights before him, ha!
July 24th -- Our second ultrasound to check on the sugar! I am 8 weeks and 5 days, everything looks perfect and I am measuring 2 days ahead! I was worried/surprised at first that I didn't feel as emotional this time around and then I started SOBBING after the ultrasound as I was trying to put my pants back on - Bj and Connor thought I was crazy but I was SO happy and relieved to know that everything looked great! Guess I shouldn't have been worried about my emotions, huh?! :) Feeling REALLY awful at this point and starting to throw up. The baby didn't care much in the beginning for macaroni & cheese, smoothies, spinach or my vitamins! It was all I could do to make it through the morning before giving Connor lunch - dragging all of us (C and the dogs) upstairs, locking the gate at the top of the stairs, putting on a movie for C and falling asleep while he rested beside me. Thank God he took pity on his Momma because he was SO good to me when I didn't feel well.
July 24th -- My progesterone levels were a little low so they checked them once a week for the first few weeks, Connor was lucky enough to go with me to all of these visits. He was such a good little trooper and sat so still with me while they drew my blood. He is really into pretend lately so one day he sat me down and said he was going to check my "represterone" levels. I was like what? Then it hit me, he was putting the "tourniquet" on my arm, wiping my arm down with a fake alcohol swap, and drawing blood to check my progesterone levels. I think I smiled so big and hugged him, it made me realize just how much his little self is always listening and paying attention to what is going on :)

August 24th -- We are a little over the 12 week mark, woo-hoo!!! I am slowly starting to feel a little better and so excited to hear the baby's heartbeat :) This visit was "forced" upon my doctor when he tried to make me wait until 14 weeks to hear the heartbeat, I didn't agree and we settled for 12 weeks and some change :) We went in to hear the heartbeat and little Mr. or Missy didn't want to cooperate. The nurse couldn't hear the heartbeat and I immedinately burst into tears. Poor Connor gave me a hug and Bj told me everything would be fine. We went back for an ultrasound and the first thing May, the technician said was "Ellen, everything is fine you have a healthy little baby in there!" I may or may not have started SOBBING and shaking on the table! Connor looked at me and said "what is that?!" I screamed/cried at him that it was his baby brother or sister - he was a little unsure at first :) ha!! May told me I needed to stop bouncing the baby up and down so she could take some measurements, I told her she was getting a hug when we were finished :)

I love this little picture, it has been hanging on the fridge since we got it. I didn't have any 3-D ultrasounds with Connor and they are amazing!! It really takes my breath away looking at how well you can see the little features, totally biased but that is one beautiful little baby :) 
Saturday September 22nd -- I think I have been feeling little movement here and there but today I KNOW I felt it and lots of it! I have been moving around so much more this pregnancy being home with Connor so I don't think I felt as much movement, but this was the first day I was sitting down and loving all those little kicks and flutters.
October 13th -- Connor who has been telling everyone that "Momma has a baby in her tummy and its just going to POP out" asked me for the first time how exactly the baby pops out. Followed by "Momma, how exactly did God get that baby in your belly?" Ha! I told Bj and Steph I felt il-equiped as a parent to answer that question on the spot :)
Monday October 15th -- Our 20 week ultrasound has arrived! I seriously can't believe we have hit the halfway mark! After a great ultrasound and doctor's appointment it was so wonderful to see our beautiful, healthy, growing little baby! We are going to wait until February to find out if we have a little boy or girl in there! I thought a little bit about the fact that we could find out if we wanted to in the days leading up to the u/s but when we were in there today it wasn't even a thought in my mind, I was just so happy to hear "sweet and healthy" nothing else mattered to me. Our technician was wonderful and gave NO indication whatsoever, I was thrilled! :)

I am feeling great in this second trimester and getting ready to start working on the nursery (aka, the closet! ha!!) getting a cozy little place for this new little one to live. The little one is SO active and I feel like I went straight to feeling kicks and jabs instead of flutters, I love it! I love sitting in bed and night and just feeling the baby move and wiggle all around. Connor was active in the womb but I think this one may be even more so, and this one may be a little chubbier because he/she can pack a punch already! I can't wait for Bj and Connor to feel it too! We are so thrilled, excited and over the moon. Have I mentioned that yet?! I truely feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do this all over again.

Connor is pretty excited to share the news that on or around February 28th, 2013 he is going to become a BIG BROTHER!!
We are all pretty stinkin exciting about this new development and we talk all the time about the sweet little baby number two who will join our little family in give or take another 20 weeks!

It's pretty amazing having a big brother to share in the excitement with us, I love this little boy and his baby brother or sister so much - they have no idea just how much.

He is already taking his new "role" very seriously and loves to tell me " Momma, watch me love on the baby". He melts my heart and it has been so fun sharing this journey with him and listening to the funny and sweet little things he says. He is so insightful already and it makes me so happy knowing that he is excited too. I get happy tears in my eyes every time I think about what it is going to mean for him to have sibling, I am so happy for all of us and really, really happy for my sweet boy :)

Here I am in my 20 week glory - my belly gets bigger and rounder by the day and I love every single minute of it. February is going to be here before we know it and we couldn't be any more excited to welcome our sweet, precious little baby number two! :)