Wednesday, February 19, 2014

9 Months!

This little sweet pea is 9 months old! He is a wild man :) He never sits still, as you can see from these pictures where he is standing on his rocking chair :) Heaven forbid we sit down and say cheese for momma. He is the giggliest little boy, such a happy, precious personality and heart. My heart literally aches sometimes I love him so much. He is pulling up everywhere and his teeth are coming in! He was really having a tough time with it so I started saying I wish they would all come in at the same time. Well, the bottom two popped through at the same time and a week later the top FOUR popped in at the same time! Sweet guy, it was a hard week but he is so much happier now that they are in! He is also able to eat anything he wants now and he is a super happy dude.

His first official word: MAMA!!!!!!! Connor's was Dada so I am pretty excited that Mama was first for this guy :) I am positive he is really asking for more food, but I will take it. Oh, there is nothing like that sweet sound of him saying it over and over. I just love it. He is starting to play with his little trucks like Connor did and it's so fun to watch him. It always amazes me how smart babies are - how much they learn and pick up in the first year of life.
We had Evs 9 month check up this month and per usual Dr. Calfee said he is perfect! I kind of agree :) He is our sweet little sunshine - I can't believe his next milestone is his first birthday!!! 

9 Month Stats: 
Length: 29 inches (75%)
Weight: 19 lbs, 6oz
Height: 46 cm (75%)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rounding out November!

We caught another beautiful day the end of November and decided to go to the park and the carousel with Nana and Grandpa! We had a great time and it was so fun to be playing outside! Connor loved the carousel, I think he went around 3 or 4 times.
Sweet smile!

He loves his Nana!!

Oh that sweet little birdie, he loved the carousel too!

We played at the playground and Connor showed off his climbing skills while Evy was on the swings!

Making cookies!! Connor LOVES to lick the beaters. I told him he better enjoy both of them this year because Evy was going to want one next year :) 

This sweet boy logged a LOT of hours in the sewing room with me this year, he was so good and patient with me. Sweet boy! I finally had to start sewing at night, I couldn't keep up with him chasing him and sewing at the same time :) 

Christmas Tree!

We tried out a new place for our christmas tree this year, last years tree was really droopy and didn't hold our ornaments very well. So, we thought we would venture out to a new place - they had hay rides and little mini train rides. It sounded like the kids would really like it. Off we went - we neglected to pay attention to the fact that there were different tree lots and the hayride took you only to certain ones. We ended up looking in the wrong lot for like and hour and a half before we realized we needed to go to a different one :) Instead of one train ride, we got four :) haha!
It was still pretty fun and the tree was awesome! Not one branch bent down no matter how heavy the ornament :) 

I love this one of all my boys! They were SO good considering it took us three hours to find a tree, and we literally cut down the last tree we looked at :) 

Connor put the star on the big tree and the one in his room!

I love creating these fun memories and traditions with my kiddos, the holidays are such a wonderful and magical time!

Winter Wonderland

Nonny got us tickets this year to walk through Tiles Park to see the Christmas lights! I was SOO cold but SOO fun to walk around and see all of the christmas lights! We had a blast and I really hope they do it again next year, such a fun way to get into the holiday spirit!


My pictures are out of order but we started off Thanksgiving morning as we always do watching the runners! Evs enjoyed his first year snuggled up with momma, he kept watching the runners it was really cute. I just love that our street has this little tradition, its such a fun thing to do!
I think this is one of my favorite pictures of these two, I just them so much. I am so incredibly thankful for these precious boys. They make my life so sweet. 

I am also pretty thankful for their Nonny, she is a pretty awesome momma too :) 

I couldn't get them to pose perfectly and smile at the same time for me, imagine that!? :) 

It was a cold but fun morning!
This was Connor's turkey he made at school, if you can read the writing its pretty darn funny :) Who wouldn't want to come to our house for thanksgiving?! :) 

November Happenings!

Time is flying by!! One of Evs first times sitting in the grocery cart, he looks thrilled doesn't he? I don't think he knew what was going on :) Sweet buddy! Connor was excited to have him next to him for sure!

Helping me hang molding in the dining room, it looks so good!

I love a sweet, sweet sleeping baby picture. It is way too much for me to handle and makes me want at least 7 more babies!! :) 

Ev started doing this squishy face and I love it! It was hard to get it on camera, but he was being cheesy one morning when he woke up. Poor buster at 8 months still doesn't have any teeth. I will say thought that this nursing momma doesnt' mind too much :) 

We took so many walks this fall, it was amazing! I am so thankful we did because this winter has been brutal!! We only made it down the street this time and ended up playing in the leaves. It was a pretty fun way to kill some time :) 

Learning to crawl up his closet step! He is so funny the boy LOVES to crawl up and down the steps, I think he would do it all day if I let him. Thank goodness for gates!

Sweet boy LOVES the bath too! He sits in there and splashes away. It is really cute he just starts splashing away whenever Connor gets in, he already knows its their little thing to do together in the bath :) 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Silver Dollar City!

Jess and I packed the kiddos up and took a trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City! It was SOOOOOO much fun!! We had the best time and we are already planning our next trip :) We lucked out and had a perfect weekend to go - it was chilly but not too chilly and the kiddos were so great.
We started out with a little trip to Bass Pro and Connor was in heaven with all of the big boats and ATV's he could sit on. It was pretty much a kid heaven! 

Then we were off to SDC - I don't know who had more fun, the adults or the kids! I think we were screaming just as loud on all of the rides :) 

Thankfully Jess's mom came with us and we were able to juggle all the kids, not everyone could ride alone so we needed the extra hands for keeping Evan and riding with kiddos! 

We were there for the lights too and it was SOOO fun, it got me so in the mood for Christmas. We ate so much bad food and had the best time. We got to the park when it opened and didn't leave until it closed, we definately got our money's worth out of our trip!

These sweet buddies had the best time, it was so fun to watch them. This area they could just run around and ride all of the rides themselves, it was perfect for them! 

Evy man was a trooper, he did such a good job hanging on with all the big kids. It was so fun and I was so proud of him :) 

We ended the trip with a trip to the park to burn off some energy before heading back to STL. Such a fun weekend!

8 Months!

My sweet, sweet precious boy how on earth is this month 8?! I guess it really is true, time flys when you are having fun! You are just the sweetest, happiest, most laid back baby around. I know I say that every month, but you really are! You just fit so perfectly into our crazy little family :)
You are a moving machine!! I am seriously wondering if you will make it until your first birthday before you start walking. You roll over immediately when you are on the ground and you are pulling up on everything. I have a few pictures of you swatting at the camera :) You are starting to wave hi and bye, and I swear sometimes it sounds like you are saying "hi!". You are an eating machine, you are starting to want less of the pureed food and more of our food, but you need to get some teeth first! You really haven't found a food you don't like yet and you still LOVE sweet potatoes. I swear we could buy stock in sweet potatoes :) 

You are taking two good naps a day, nursing four times a day (and anytime you wake up at night, which really is rarely.) and you are eating all three meals with a little snack in there. You are so good in the car, you love looking out the window in your carseat. You have the sweetest face and disposition, we are so lucky to have you. You are finding your voice more and yelling and screaming a little more, I love all the extra noise, it makes me smile. You are your brother are interacting more and it's so fun to watch. 

You are a joy, you love to play with your toys and be with your family. You are still a total momma's boy and I am not complaining one bit about that :) You are such a precious little man and we love you so very much! Can't wait to see what month 9 has in store :) 

Connor likes to be involved in the montly shoots, and he is good at getting you to smile! I love these pictures of him, we will call these his last pictures before he turns 5 next month :) He is still such a great big brother to you, I am so blessed!

Happy Halloween!

Jake the Pirate and Evy the Fox! We had a great halloween - we had a party at the Diehrs, and a party at our house! I thought the kiddos looked so cute, it was so fun getting them dressed up :)

I am totally biased, but he is the cutest little fox around :) We got some good wear out of this, we had three halloween parties to attend! 

How cute are these favors? Annie is amazing! 

Someone was finished with pictures, can you tell :) I guess it tough being a pirate on Halloween!

We had our neighbor friends over on Halloween and had some dinner and trick or treating! It ended up being a really rainy night so Ev stayed back to hand out candy and the dad's took the kiddos out, but only for a bit!