Friday, May 25, 2012

Momma's Day!

I was terrible and didn't take any pictures on Mother's Day - I just was living in the moment I guess! We had a wonderful day - my boys made me breakfast, my brother brought me flowers, I got to spend the day with my whole family - there really wasn't much to love about Momma's day :)
We have been working really hard on our yard this year, we really haven't touched it since we moved in, we have been working so hard on the inside and now is finally the year for the outside.
 Connor helps me water my flowers everyday, I just love my little worker bee. Even though they don't corelate with mother's day, I couldn't resist a few pictures of the little guy who made me a momma. We went over to my Grandma's for lunch and my in-laws for dinner. It was a really beautiful day and it was so nice to spend it outside.
 Connor loves seeing the family so he was SO excited to see everyone on Sunday! We went for a walk at NeNe's so we could feed the horses some carrots, he just loves it. He drives his cozy coupe on the walk and puts the carrots in the trunk, it cracks me up. After NeNe's we went to the Johnson's and had a wonderful dinner outside, I still try to never take for granted being so close to our family and being able to see them all the time, I love it!
It was just a great day - I am so thankful every minute of every day for the gift of being a Momma. I love my little boy more than I could ever say - every minute of the day. Even the days when he tests me as a Momma with his daily antics of being three :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Picnic at the Park

We have had the most incredible weather lately - I think since February it has been nice and we love it! We keep joking that we need to take full advantage now because this summer could be a hot one! So, we packed up after school one day and had a picnic at the park. It was perfect. My 3 year old stinker was just cute as could be and we had the best time. We ate a lunch of Panera (his choice) one a blanket under the tree. We chatted about school and then it was off to play!
 He is looking a little too big these days, I really can't handle it somedays. He really is such a fun little guy and I love hanging out with him. He loves to run up and down the slide, goofy boy.
 This child is pretty much allgeric to socks - he hates to wear them. It wouldn't bother me if his feet didn't smell so bad after a day of sweaty feet in his shoes, haha!! I love the summer time and baths every night, I love the routine of being outside all day and then getting all nice and clean to get into bed.

He just loves to play outside and I love it! I remember those long summer days and it felt like you were outside forever. We are planning on traveling to all of our favorite parks and I love that summer has really just started!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

School Pictures!

Oh my sweet little man, I can't believe this is his first school picture! I mean, I was seriously beaming with pride when I opened it up, I am SUCH a dork! I was working the vendor table at his school so I ran upstairs and grabbed the pictures, I seriously couldn't stop looking at them :) Now, I know this isn't the best picture of him (and why they combed his hair straight down is beyond me, I don't do that) but I just think it is so sweet of my little man at 3. I love that he is actually smiling and listening to the photograher and I love that I got to see the behind the scenes "pretend play" he did when he got home from school after they took the pictures. He played "Diane the Photographer" and I was peeing in my pants as he was sitting his "friends" down in the chair telling them to give "Diane there best smile". To me it's just another of the many milestones I am so blessed to be apart of in my sweet little Connor's life :) Oh, and I LOVE that our school takes the pictures outside! The class picture is adorable and he is all smiles too!

Friday, May 4, 2012

iphone pictures/life lately!

I just did my monthly iphone dump onto the computer so I thought I would go through some of the pictures, I am so exciting- huh?! This boy doesn't nap anymore so sometimes he falls asleep in the car after a busy day of being 3 - he loves his sunglasses I love that he didn't even let go of them when he fell asleep :)
Our yard is the absolute last thing we have looked at when it comes to the house and we are going to do a little bit to it this year! We got some mulch to spread around and we are going to get some "new to us" plants for the front, to replace the old heinous bushes we took out last fall. We have some very exciting visitors coming in the next two weeks so we are trying to spruce the place up! Yeah L103 reunion!
We have had a LOT of april showers and a little cold front (it is long gone as I type this sweating away, still not turning the ac on! haha!) and this boy loves to wear his hat just like daddy does. Cute little monkey.

Just a few more cheesy shots from Easter - This is the only one he is smiling in, he just doesn't "feel" the camera much these days! Haha!
We went to the baseball game last week and it was really fun! We took Uncle Bubs and had a really nice time. It was a little difficult coraling this guy in the seats but we toughed it out for awhile and then C and I sat in the club area and played pretend. I could still see the game and it was a nice little evening. I thank God this little man isn't allergic to peanuts - he LOVES them. He loves to crack open the shell, suck the peanut out and throw the shells on the ground. Funny little stinker! We have not been up to much other than that - we have been staying so busy! I don't know how we are so busy but it seems like lately there is always something going on!