Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

First of all, I can't believe that halloween has come and gone?! How fast the month of October flew by, we were busy and it seems like it was over in a week. I am so excited that it is November, I love the start of the holiday season - I kind of want to start decorating for Christmas right now :) My sweet boy had the best Halloween, he was a pretty cute little fireman in my totally unbiased opinion :)
We went over to the neighbors, they had a big party with pizza for dinner and hanging out before the trick or treating began! Some of the momma's stayed behind, but I couldn't miss out on the trick or treating :) I am a dork like that! I totally bribed Connor with a piece of candy to keep his hat on so I could take a picture, just the kind of momma I am!
He was going "Momma, all of my friends are leaving" I told him if he just said "cheese" for a picture we could leave, hahaha! He was funny, he smiled and then ran down the steps to catch up with his buddies.

How cute are all of these kiddos?! We just have such a fun neighborhood and I love it. All of the kiddos went trick or treating together (we had to break it up, they were swarming the houses, haha!) and had the best time. Connor LOVED running up to the houses and being pulled in the wagon, he caught on really quickly.
We had a beautiful night and made it about and hour, we decided to quit while we were ahead and finish passing out candy at home. He LOVED it, it was hilarious. Everytime he saw a kiddo come up on the porch he would scream "I've got it Momma, let me give them the candy". He is hilarious and was cracking us up!! We hope you all had a great halloween too!