Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Favorite...

My favorite little boy and my favorite little picture of him this summer :) We had such a fun little day at the was a HOT day and we were the only ones there. We just couldn't resist a little chik-fil-a lunch and park date though :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Feeding the Goats!

I couldn't resist a few more Grant's Farm pictures - we went back to feed the goats again and had a wonderful time. Connor keeps asking me when we can go back and feed the goats and visit Miss. Budweiser the donkey! :) I love cool weather and fun family outings!! And great Groupons that allow for free parking, goat feedings, carousel rides, lunch and snow cones!

Notre Dame Weekend

Last weekend we were excited to head out of town for the opening game at Notre Dame. My father-in-law went to ND and is a huge fan - Bj was excited to go back and I was excited to explore the campus and see a game in the stadium. I love college campuses and it always fun to explore a new campus. It was gorgeous and the history was so neat - I of course said it was no Elon, but really what is?! :) I loved looking at the chapel and the grotto (we lit a candle and said a little prayer, bj said it is FULL on game days). The main campus building with the dome was SO pretty with a huge open rotunda looking up to the dome. The dorms were so neat and so was the stadium. They needed more seats so they built an upper level around the excisting stadium which was just so cool. I learned this weekend when we were watching the game that it was modeled after the stadium at Michigan.

The grotto was so neat, as a Catholic it was really cool to see the Catholic elements all over this Catholic school. The dorms all have a chapel in them, and there are no fraternities or sororites because they are all one big family. For the first time they let people walk through the tunnel that the players run through in the stadium. It was so fun to walk down and imagine what game days must feel like for the players. We saw the "Play like a champion Today" sign - though my hubby was being a stick in the mud and wouldn't pose for a picture :)

It was so neat to be down where all the action takes place and then see it again for game day the next day. We walked around for awhile but it was HOT. After lunch and a few purchases for Connor in the bookstore we were off to get ready for dinner. We went to Tippecanoe Place and it was SO NEAT. It is the old Studebacker mansion turned into a restaurant. You eat in all the different rooms of the house, we ate in the library that was pretty much the size of our house :) It was then time to get rested for tailgating bright and early the next morning.

We started tailgating at 8:30 - and it was HOT, really hot. By the time we left the stadium at almost 10pm it was almost cold! After extreme heat in the morning, half of the football game, a two and a half hour rain delay followed by more football and another rail delay - we said it was the longest day of tailgating/football we had ever had!
We were dipping wash cloths in the cooler to cool ourselves off and I had a water bottle in my shirt between my boobs, it really was that hot!
It was such a fun weekend - we are so thankful we were invited to go! It was such a neat experience and definately makes watching the games a little more exciting when it's a place we have been. We were so excited to get back home to our sweet Connor and the doggies - Nonny was a saint and watched all three of them for us this weekend! We are so thankful for amazing parents who take us places and watch our "children" :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Preschool!

Ah, I can't even believe I am typing the words "first day of preschool" in association with my baby. Wasn't he just born like 6 months ago?! The time has come and we couldn't be more thrilled with his new school, but it's still a little tough for this momma :) We have been talking SO much about school and he has been so excited. We went to the grocery store Monday afternoon and picked up his requested breakfast (2 eggies, saugit (sausage), cinnamon rolls, and oranges.). Sounded good to me! I woke up before everyone Tuesday morning and got everything started (how I wish, wish, wish I could do that every morning) while my boys were still snoozing away. Then it was off to wake up the little man and get our day started! 
We went to a preschool play date last Thursday so it was fun talking at breakfast about his friends and who he would see again at his first day. I also told him we were going to take some pictures like Momma and Uncle Davey did before their first day of school every year - with the dreaded paper bag, haha! He was actually SO excited about it and was cheesing it up for the camera. 
He wanted his first picture taken with Frankie Doggie - totally happy to oblige :) Doesn't he look cute in his first day of school outfit? I have seriously had it out and ironed for like two weeks :) He had on his little tennis shoes and was just looking too sweet for words!

There he is, my sweet, sweet little boy - all ready for the adventures of a new school, new friends, new teachers - so many exciting things await my sweet Connor!

He wanted a picture with the doggies - the smile was too cute not to share, I loved that he was waving his sign in the air so fast, haha!
He was getting tired of the pictures by the time I made him stand on the front steps at school - he would only sit and I was going to take what I could get! He loved his little school bag, it is getting his name and a little car on it this afternoon. I was not about to pay $7 for monogramming when I can do it myself, haha!

Meeting Dottie the fish and checking out the classroom. We literally had to drag him out of there to go outside, which is HUGE because he loves playing outside. We met lots and lots of really nice friends, teachers and parents. We are so excited to be a part of the ECNS family.
They have cozy coupes, need we say more?! The playground is so fun and since it's in an older part of town there are lots of big trees with great shade and coverage. We are just so excited, nervous, proud and happy for our sweet boy and this big milestone. We know he is going to LOVE school and I can't wait to hear all about his adventures! I asked him as I was putting him to bed last night (he was so tired he was sound asleep at 7:15)! what his favorite part of the day was: seeing his friends, playing outside and watching Dottie the fish. TOO SWEET!