Monday, October 21, 2013

First Day of Pre-K 3!

Somehow my sweet boy up and started his last first day of preschool this month! AHHH! Where is time going and why does my boy looks so big!!?? I am so proud of him and how well he embraces each new year of school. He is a little shy and apprehensive sometimes, not always wanting to jump right into new things but every day he outgrows that a little more and I was blown away by how he just started school like it was no big deal. I kept him in another multi-age class this year and added another day, I was a little worried over the summer that he would be too old for the class and after talking with the director kept him. I am SO thankful I did, his confidence is HUGE this year and he is doing so great.
Everyday when I pick him up he has the biggest smile on his face and he is all over the playground playing with new friends. He and his buddy Cam tell me all about school on the way home and I just love it. I really love age 4 and the closer we get to 5 I think I might love it even more! When we were taking pictures he goes "I will only smile if Evan is in the picture" Um, deal. :)

Connor you are an awesome big brother, son, friend, grandson, nephew and cousin. We are so proud of you and can't wait to see what the rest of this school year brings for you! I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said a daddy :)

We are carpooling with Cam this year and these sweet little buddies love to tell me all about school on the way home. It is so fun to listen to their little conversations, they are also so patient with me as it takes me 35 minutes to maneuver the car seats so I can fit all three in my backseat. I told Bj we needed a new car before we have another baby because I am sweating by the time I get them all buckled in! :)


We love when our new ND shirts come in the mail and this year I died a little when I saw ALL of my boys in them :) Evs is sporting C's first shirt - I love it! It is SO fun to pull out all of Connor's old clothes, I love it. I always remember the fun memories associated with them. I will never be able to part with any of them after both my babies have worn them! haha!
We have been riding bikes alllll summer long and its been so fun! Connor's bike just stays on the front porch, we don't even put it away anymore. He was given a new to him bigger bike from the neighbor boys and we practiced a little this summer without training wheels! He did well, but still leans to the side too much. We are going to work on balance but I am pretty sure we will not have training wheels next summer.

I love the pictures of them just playing - they were just being silly on the floor. I think I love these memories the most with my sweet boys!

I love this boy to pieces!

We had a HOT late summer so we had to cool off in our large pool in the front yard :) We are all about classing up our street! :)

I LOVE everything about this picture. C loves to feed Evan and I love watching him. He even does the sign language and helps Evan to open his mouth so big. I really just feel so blessed!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

5 Months!

I say it every month but it is just blowing my mind how fast these months are flying by. I wish I could make time slow down but I also love watching everything that comes with each month. It is so amazing watching your babies grow!
Evs, you are still the happiest, sweetest, smiliest little baby boy! You are so content to hang out and watch what is going on. You are really starting to get a little personality and your laugh could melt the hardest of hearts. The sound of your laughter makes my whole body beam with love - I could bottle that sound up and I think there would be peace in all the world. When your brother gets you going it is the best - you laugh so loud for him.

You have struggled the last month or so with your sleeping. You don't want to sleep - you must be going through a growth spurt because I swear you nurse every 2 hours at night again! Your poor Momma is getting VERY tired - I think you need to figure this sleep thing out pronto :)

You are nursing about every 3 hours during the day - we are pretty flexible so sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later. You are taking three naps a day - they are all about an hour to an hour and a half, you haven't really blended any of them together yet.

You are eating rice and oatmeal cereal and doing great with it! We tried when you were a little over four months old but it didn't seem to go very well so we held off until you were about 5.5 months old. It seems to be going great - you are getting really good at opening your mouth big and wide for the spoon.

You are so happy and so giggly - you love to play with your toys and everything goes straight to your mouth. You have the sweetest disposition, but you can get mad when you want something. You love to watch your brother and I know it won't be long unil you are on the move. You are moving backwards but not crawling yet. You did get up on all fours this month and started rocking back and forth. I couldn't believe it! I am praying that you aren't crawling before your 6 month pictures, I want one more set before you are all over the place :)

This picture just reminds me of YOU - that face. You love your momma and you get so excited to see me. I feel like you light up the whole room with that smile - I could watch you all day long.

You two are the sweetest brothers on earth. You love each other and I just know you will always have your sweet little bond. I can't wait to watch you two grow up together, and see the trouble you will get into. Evy William, Birdie, Blurts - you are a joy, my sweet, sweet precious baby. I can't believe next month you will be halfway to one!


This cozy coupe is seriously the best investment we have ever made. I think C has used it every single days since we bought it for him, on his first birthday. I kind of die everytime I look at this picture of Evs riding in the trailer. I love it.
Little brother loves to swing and big brother loves to push him!

End of Summer 2013

Our summer days are dwindling down - we are almost ready to pull out the sweaters. We pretty much milked summer for everything it was worth. It was a great first summer with the birdie - I loved every day of it!

My sweet birdie modeling his adorable little jon jon from Aunt Steph - we wore the hell out of these this summer!

Smiling as he was sleeping snuggled up in our bed - I can imagine him going "man, my momma is a sucker, I fuss at night and she is so tired she plops me in bed with her!" :)

Cute little boy riding in his car! I mean he seriously knew exactly where to put his hands on the steering wheel the minute he put them down!

Our last time at the pool before we officially put away the swim gear!

Family Pictures!

Just a few more snapshots!

The lovely MP took our family photos one day and it was interesting to say the least :) Connor man was DONE by the time they were over! Ha! It was just a little too bright still while we were at the beach but we managed to get some good ones!

This was when he was still cooperating and posing :) haha!

The whole gang! Such a fun group of people and such a fun time!

Blueberry Picking!

Nene and Clete go down to Gulf Shores every year for the winter, one year they met a woman and her husband who have a blueberry farm in Holland, MI. We have been wanting to try a new one out so we went this year and it was great! Nene's friend was so sweet and we had the best time picking blueberries this year. I think it may be our new spot.
Most of the boys went golfing and we went blueberry picking, the girls plus Bobby! It was FREEZING the day we went - I don't think we realized quite how cold it was going to be!

Evy was a trooper and hung out while Connor and I picked 10 pounds of blueberries! We were able to try all of the different kinds and pick all that we wanted - it was delicious!

Checking out Nene's basket - I think he wanted to make sure he picked the most. G turned some of her blueberries into blueberry pankcakes and waffles the next day, they were delish! I just finished making Evan some blueberries and he loves them! He has eaten them every morning for a week with his oatmeal :)

He was so proud of his pickings!

It was such a fun day - I love a good family outing! :)

Michigan 2013

We were off bright and early one Friday morning in August on our way to Michigan! We go every year and love it! It is such a beautiful place and I love making memories in the same spot every year. This year Bj was able to join us! It has never worked out between jobs, moving and kiddos for him to make it, but we sure loved having him here this year!

Connor was a bike riding machine! This kid logged a ton of miles on his bike, if he wasn't at the beach or sleeping he was riding his bike. It was SO fun!

The sweet birdie was so good on his first trip to Michigan! I tell you what it was pretty lovely nursing a baby to the sound of the waves and then cozying him up in the sand :)

He spent a good portion of his time at the beach snoozing! He is pretty used to the white noise so the sound of the waves lulled him right to sleep. It was a little chilly this year so we didn't get in the water, but we had lots of fun building sand castles!

Sweet Connor Man, he is a pro at Michigan! He already can't wait to go back!

We had the perfect house this year - my whole family came - Nene, Clete, G, Uncle Bob, Bobby, Caitlin, Patrick, Anna, Nonny, Uncle Davey, Shannon, Uncle Mike, Aunt Yvonne and us. It was so much fun and we already can't wait until next year!

I mean I just love a sweet little sleeping baby shot!

Playing - this boy is always playing and on the move - I love it! We found these fun little sand buckets at Sams with a hose on them - they were awesome! I made my mom buy another one so Evs had one next year :)
He is the happiest little stinker!

We took some family walks on the beach and I couldn't help but stop and snap a few shots - I sure do love my little family!

This is my FAVORITE picture - I just love it! I think it sums these two up thus far. Connor is a little shy and loves to squeeze on his brother - Evan so far has been a happy and outgoing little baby! I just love these little boys more than anything else.

We took lots of family bike rides and Connor took lots of burley rides. We almost didn't bring it, but I am so glad we did!

We had one rainy day so we took the fam to see Planes. It was such a cute movie! Poor Evan, I turned him around in his car seat in the seat so he faced the back of the theatre and he fell asleep. Didn't even get to enjoy watching his first movie :)

We climbed Mt. Baldi this year! This Momma did all 331 steps with Evan in the ergo - I almost died but was pretty proud of myself at the end :) I can't believe he will be most likely running up them next year!

We took the chain ferrry into Saugatuck and had some ice cream! Evan was able to try his first bite and he loved it!!

We had such a wonderful time - I can't believe how fast the week went. It was our first big family vacation with everyone and it was just awesome. Everyone got along and it was just fun to hang out and always have someone to talk to. We already can't wait for next year!