Sunday, July 10, 2011

The "Yake"

 We went to the Lake aka "Yake" with Nana for a week at the end of July! We had the best time! We went down on Tuesday and the boys joined us on Friday - so they could take us out on Grandpa's big boat :) We just enjoyed eating, playing and hanging out! We love going down to the Lake and actually went this past weekend and we are going next weekend, ha!

 We took Connor to Big Surf for the first time and he loved it, so did we! They had this great area for kids and kids 3 and under were free, it was great! He loved being able to run around and all of the water toys squirted water, so he loved squirting all of us :) We also went on the "yazy" river and he thought it was so fun to float and watch the big kids go down all of the water slides!
 Nana always finds C great treasures at Goodwill and she brought some new ones so he had some fun stuff to play with at the condo. This fire house set and the big mac were his favorite :) He loved mac so much we had to bring him home with us!
 We always bring a bag of cars with us wherever we go - he kept wanting to carry both his bag and Nana's purse - but they kept falling off so he would walk with his hands up in the air like this - it was cracking us up!
 There was this little "kid's town" at the lake, but it was more of a ghost town and they 1970's cars didn't even work, but it didn't stop C from taking a little ride - hahaha!
 We enjoyed eating out a lot and having ice cream while we watched the sunset on the balcony - it was wonderful!!
 We also enjoyed sleeping in bed with Mama - Mama loved the snuggling :)
 Cap't Connor driving Grandpa's big boat - he seriously loved the boat ride, it was way too cute! One day we went out and had a picnic lunch and some swimming and the other day we docked and had some yummy lunch.
 I love this picture of my sweet boys :)

 He loved putting his feet in the water and having us dunk him! When we went this weekend he had fun swimming all over with his friends Harry and Annie!
 He had so much fun he conked out RIGHT after nailing his cheek on the table - poor guy had his first shiner! I think all the excitement wore him out and he slept until 6, ha!
 He loved feeding the fish - he would yell at us if we ate too many french fries because he was saving them for the fishies :)
We had such a great week - this kid only napped once! He had to catch up on sleep on the ride home. He was out light a light before we even pulled out of the condo and slept the whole way home. We just had such a great time and love that C will grow up spending lots of time at the Lake!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What we have Been up to: In pictures!

 We have kept ourselves nice and busy this summer! I think the only camera I have pulled out is my phone, so my apologies :) I am actually impressed with the pictures it takes and it's nice and easy :) Ha! We went to see Circus Flora and it was great!! They do a one hour kids show and we loved it. I remember going when I was little so it's nice to be able to start this same tradition with Connor!

 We went to the boat house for lunch and loved it! It is just the cutest little place and Connor loved feeding the ducks and turtles!
We have gone to story time at the library, swimming at the pool, the park and we have loved spending lots of time at home - and waking up from naps all over the place in our new big boy bed :) We also took a week long trip to the lake, a whole 'nother post coming on that one! I can't spoil anyone with 3 posts in one day, haha!

Happy Father's Day!

I am so behind! But, we have just been having too much fun this summer and blogging has taken a back seat - and I find nothing wrong with that :) We had a great Father's Day celebrating a great daddy! We just hung out around the house and grilled some steaks for dinner. It was a great night and we hope Daddy knows how much we love him!