Thursday, January 24, 2013

33 Weeks, 6 days

 I am 35 weeks today! I had another u/s and fetal monitoring yesterday and the babe is still looking great! These were from the last growth u/s and first fetal monitoring last Wednesday. I think it is really starting to hit me that we are having another little sugar and I am getting really, really excited :) 
The u/s tech was crazy fast this last time, we go in every four weeks for a growth u/s and last week started the beginning of my weekly monitoring. She didn't give anything away in the gender department and she said that the picture above is little wisps of hair she could see on the baby's head! Ah! I was dying - I think she thought I was crazy, but that's pretty cute to me. I was laughing because I have had some heartburn with this one and none with Connor - I said watch this one have no hair and Connor had a full head of black hair. I for some reason think maybe this one will have lighter hair, but I don't know why :) 

There is my sweet little pork chop! I think this is one of the few profile shots without an arm or hand in front of the face. It was funny yesterday the little arm was right back up there :) After she checked everything she goes "okay the baby is measuring about 6lbs" - I was STUNNED I had to have her repeat it a few times for me, hahah! I seriously couldn't stop smiling - to me that is the size of a 2 month old, not a baby still in the tummy. I am not going to lie, I was a little proud of myself - that is some hard work on bedrest and a few brownie sundaes right there :) This child LOVES vanilla ice cream! The lovely u/s tech then asked if I was tested for gestational diabetes - yes, I was and I don't have it thank you very much. I saw my high risk dr the next day and he laughed he said it is a perfectly wonderful and healthy size, he said it must have been a shock coming from my little 4lb first born! I still can't get over that sweet face and those CHUBBY cheeks!!

I had to laugh at how much technology has changed from even having Connor. I was sitting there in the monitoring room texting on my iphone, playing on the ipad and sipping my water, juice and animal crackers. This is a far cry from the hospital room where all I had was the tv and a laptop to keep me busy, haha! It was kind of like a treat for me though, I was out of the house and alone - hahaha! They said things are looking good - I am seeing the dr weekly now, I have weekly monitoring and one more u/s scheduled! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hanging Out!

Bj left town with his family for the Notre Dame national championship game last week - he had a great time but was obviously disappointed with the outcome of the game! My mom, aunt and cousin came over Saturday night for a "girls night" we had such a fun time hanging out, eating pizza and chatting! We did laugh at one point when all of us were sitting on the couch with some type of phone, ipad or kindle - this world of technology is amazing :) I didn't get any pictues of all of us, but I just wanted to remember how lucky I am to have family who will drop everything to help me out :) My mom got the short end of the stick and had to stay with us until Tuesday and she did a great job sewing my kitchen curtains while I "supervised" from the couch :) I took this picture of Scout boy and told Bj that there were worse things in life than being one of our dogs or kids :) He was looking at me like "What all you do is sit around all day baking the baby why can't you pet me?!"
I may look horrific but I love any picture I have of my sweet boy - he loves to snuggle! He has been sick with a high fever since Saturday night so we have been getting lots of snuggles in. I tell you what, that is the best thing ever. Today we were resting upstairs and he was asking all kinds of questions about the baby. How we would hold the baby, could he put the baby in the crib, how the baby gets out of my tummy, and if we could snuggle the baby. I asked him what the first thing he was going to do was and he said "give the baby some love" - he really is too sweet for words. I taught him how to swaddle using his blanket and scully as guides and he thought that was pretty funny. 

He was playing the other day and goes "look momma, where am I?!" oh yeah he had rolled himself up in the carpet runner - he sure is a silly little one!

He was so excited for game day! We sent daddy a little video message, it was cute! Maybe next year they will go back and win!! That about sums up our last week!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

4 Year Stats

Even though I am on bedrest and have time to do things like make Connor's four year check-up, I forgot and we didn't get in to see the dr until the beginning of January - oops! :) I had a hard time with 4, it just seems like all of a sudden everything went too fast. I told Bj thank goodness we have a baby on the way or else I would have wanted one immediately! I just can't believe my boy is 4. I said I am loving the start of four much more than the start of three, C seems to have worked a few of those emotions out :) The doctor said he was perfect! He was so good and when she asked if he liked fruits and vegetables he said "yes, and we made a garden this summer!" it was really cute. She told us that he was going to be such a good helper when we have the baby and I totally teared up, I can't help but feel so blessed and lucky - I have a pretty awesome little kiddo. I almost had a heart attach when she told me I could start getting his kindergarten shots at any point this year when we are in with the baby...what?! How on earth - I think I may have to visit the homeschool topic! He was looking great and she said he is perfect! We do have to make an appointment with the opthamologist, she did this scan of his eyes and said he could be far-sighted. We just signed him up for vision insurance and we will make an appointment!
Here are his stats:
Height: 40.5 in 50%
Weight: 34.8 lbs. 50%
He is sitting pretty in the 50% percentile! I asked when she recommended moving him to a booster seat and we both laughed with his weight gain he will be 12 before he moves up to 40lbs :) He definately doesn't take after me when it comes to putting on weight :) It was a great visit and we are so proud of our sweet boy! He is getting a little too big!

Happy New Year!

We had a nice little low key New Years over here, Connor had a little ear infection so we just took had a little dinner and hanging out! Bj had to work during the day for a little while so we took a pictue of us stealing his snuggie :) I had a dr appointment in the morning and Connor ended up having to go in as well - after that we were on the couch the rest of the day :)
We had some dinner and a sparkling grape juice toast - you would have thought C won the lottery he thought it was the best thing ever! He goes "I want to toast 6 times in a row!" and he kept refilling our glasses - he loved that we drank it out of real champagne glasses too :)

Cheers to 2013! We made lots of memories in 2012, had some hard times and had a great time as a little family. The best part of 2012 was finding out that little britches was arriving sometime in 2013. I have a feeling he/she will also be the best part of our 2013 :) I am so thankful for everything that 2012 brought and I am really looking forward to this next years adventures!

Monday, January 7, 2013

C at 4!

I had wanted to do a little Q&A with Connor when he turned 3 but never got around to it, so I knew I wanted to do one when he turned 4. I realy hope I remember to do this with he and baby brother or sister because it was SO fun and I can't wait to see how is answers change every year. I couldn't find just one I liked so I used a few different questions from several places. I was so surprised at how much he wanted to do it, and his answers totally cracked me up! Here we go, Connor at 4!
1. How old are you? "Momma, I am 4!"
2. How is your best friend? "Ressey, and Ressey and Cam, Atticus and Vivienne"
3. What is your favorite thing to do? "Play with Catey Lou" -- Caitlin was on her way over to play and he was SO excited :)
4. What is your favorite color? "Red, blue and Green"
5. What is your favorite food? "Toasted Ravioli"
6. What do you like to do with your family? "Play hide and seek and watch Mommy and Daddy make my delicious meals" - that was word for word, I mean apparently we dish up some gourmet meals around here! Too bad Momma hasn't cooked in the kitchen since bedrest, ha!
7. What is your favorite toy? "My ambulance from Santa and my Captain Hooks"
8. What do you want to be when you grow up? "A daddy"
9. What makes you happy? "My baby sister in your tummy and what makes me happier is lots more babies!!!" -- that was verbatim and made me cry like a baby! I want to also note that we do not know if this is a baby brother or sister in my belly - C just really, really thinks/wants a sister. He did mutter under his breath "or brother" :)
10. What makes you sad? "When Sedona bites my booty or she barks" um, not really sure about this one, to the best of my knowledge Sedona doesn't bit his booty? :)
11. What is your favorite show to watch? "Curious George"
12. What is your favorite book? "Curious George Christmas"
13. What do you love to learn about? "my ipad" this totally cracked me up, I think he thought I said learn on or with? Ha!! Side note: It's really mine, I think he forgets that :)
14. What was the best part of your birthday? "opening my presents"
15. Where do you like to go? "the zoo"
16. What is your favorite treat? "cookies and cake"
17. What do you think about before you fall asleep? "Skipper" the elf, he really misses him!
18. What was your favorite birthday present? "A baby" he didn't get a baby, I think he means the baby that is yet to come :)
19. What is your favorite drink? "Milky and water"
20. What is your favorite outfit? "My jammies"
21. What is your favorite game? "Candyland"
22. What do you love about Mommy? "That you have a baby in your tummy" Um, melted my heart a little, made me chuckle a little - I am pretty much these days an oven for his sibling and I love it :)
23. What do you love about Daddy? "He is sweet"
There you have it - 23 things about Connor at 4! It was too fun and I can't wait to hear what he has to say next year :)