Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Little Booger....

--Does not love to get his picture taken, look at that silly, sweet little face :)
--Told me he does not like to wear a jacket in the car because it makes him "undercomfortable"
--Loves to eat grilled cheese, he also loves "macrioni and cheese" along with "peprioni" on his pizza
--When asked if he wants fruit snacks goes "yes, yes of course I do"
--Loves to use the word "actually"
--He may also have some southern roots as he likes to use the phrase "might could"
--Just makes us smile on a daily basis, he sure is the sunshine in our little lives!
--Sorry for the random post, I just didn't want to forgot his funny little words :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I promise I haven't forgotten about the kitchen! We are waiting on the molding (I saw it today and it looks amazing, I am SO excited!) and backsplash by the sink and then I promise to post the pictures :) We had a very exciting week over here, Connor's "new to him" swingset was finally put together! We are so ready to enjoy the beautiful weather we have had on this super cool play set!

 The family I used to babysit for and adore needed to make room for a new trampoline and were generous enough to gift us this awesome swingset! It's a rainbow and we would NEVER be able to afford one so we were pretty darn excited!

 I wish I could explain the excitement on Connor's face when the "men" were here putting this together. He was just SO excited and seriously couldn't wait to get on his new swingset and go to town! He loves the tire swing and the binoculars.

He likes to look for "wild animals and wolves" in his "noculars". It's pretty precious and I love playing with him outside! He is so cute and was telling all of his friends about it. We need some more nice days and we will definately be enjoying it :) We are so lucky to have such great friends and we couldn't be more excited to love this new swing set just like there kiddos did!