Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Proofing!

It was kind of funny, I was talking to Dr. Calfee at Connor's 9 month appointment and told her he was scooting all over the place and getting close to crawling, but he wasn't quite there yet. She laughed and said to go ahead and start thinking about baby-proofing the house as he would soon be on the loose. Little did I know that he would be on the loose an hour later after his appointment! So, it was off to Babies R Us for me! If you know me, you know that Babies R Us is not my favorite place on earth - so thankfully I knew what I needed! I was also pretty thankful that Annie was home to answer my panicked questions about what kind of crib guard to get! I think the little man is all set - he won't be able to crawl down the stairs, up the stairs, put his fingers in any light sockets, open any cabinet doors he shouldn't, or bit the paint off of his crib! Whew! I think we are as Connor proofed as we can be!

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