Monday, September 14, 2009


Almost There...
Such determination.
Hiya Folks - Connor here! Aren't you all proud of my new skills? I am very much enjoying my army crawling - and I am certainly keeping Momma, Daddy, Granny, Ne Ne, Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Jen on their toes these days! They sometimes think that they are going to leave me in the living room while they run to the bathroom, or to check their email, but I quickly remind them that I am now in fact MOBILE and will follow them wherever they go! They were laughing the other day about how I was half way out the kitchen after they set me down in the living room - I am getting really fast and I love it! I even will crawl all over the bed when they let me snuggle with them in the mornings (it's my favorite) trying to get to my doggies. My favorite thing to do is get to the other end of the bed and start chewing on the foot board like Scout and Sedona did when they were puppies! My next trick I am working on is pulling myself up in my crib - I am really close, but I can't quite get all the way up! I heard Momma and Daddy talking about how they were going to have to lower my bed - I better hurry up and master that trick! Oh, and by the way, my momma said instead of only putting the one picture she planned on up, she had to put 3, because I am that just that stinkin cute!

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