Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two By Two...

This precious drooly man's toofers are coming in!!!!!! AH! Our baby is getting too big - too fast! I picked him up from Nana's house on Thursday, he was a little cranky and you could tell his teeth were bothering him. We got home and did a little playing on the floor when he took my hand and pulled it into his mouth and lo and behold he had two little jagged toofers coming through! The bottom middle to be exact :) I was so excited and so thankful that those nasty little buggers have finally popped through - my poor sweet man has been a bit of a "teething tyrant" around the house lately and we are all thankful he may finally have some relief! It is crazy because I can see the top of them when he opens his mouth now - I can't believe it. What next, a girlfriend?! As soon as I can capture a picture of them, I will post it!

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