Sunday, February 17, 2013


The wonderful MP wanted to take some belly pics of this large and in charge belly I am sporting and I was more than happy to oblige :) I told her it wasn't the prettiest belly on the block, but I was more than happy to be her subject. I told her I wanted to get one of C and I - he was being a little stinker (see below) and wasn't so sure how he felt about being in the pictures. I was laughing - I am not sure how much I would want to kiss that big old belly either :) haha!!
My sweet stinky boy - some days I have no idea what I am going to do with him but there is absolutely not way I could love him anymore. :)

All of our hands - I can't believe another little set of hands will be arriving anyday now - it's pretty exciting. 

I love this boy with all of my heart. I was BAWLING the other day watching an old modern family (the snip, snip episode) because I cannot wait to watch him become a big brother. We have waited a long time for this sweet little angel and I can't wait to watch them grow up together. He is so excited about his new role and I just really couldn't be more excited for him, us and his baby brother or sister. He/she is getting a pretty awesome big brother to look up to. 

This one just made me chuckle - I look like I am crying but I am laughing. Apprently I look like I am crying when I laugh?! :) Haha! 

I mean, I kind of look huge next to my scrawny little boy and I love it! 


My sweet, sweet friends threw me a little sprinkle last weekend for sweet baby J! We had talked about doing it right before bedrest so it was postponed - I said anytime after 36 we were good to go! :) They did such a nice job and it was such a fun morning spoiling this sweet little baby on the way! Surprisingly the pregnant lady was first in line for the food - we had homemade cinnamon rolls and they were amazing, I am not ashamed to admit that I ate a whole pan myself and I didn't share. And I didn't feel bad :)
It was a diapers/wipes/gift card shower and it was so fun! We are good to go on diapers for a little while which is amazing and I have some fun gift cards to buy my bedding with - I can't wait! I am not going to lie, they are packed away in my hospital bag :) 

They did a little "Team Girl/Team Boy" theme and when everyone came in they picked a clothespin that was pink or blue for their guess - it was funny to see what people thought! It looks like Team Girl is the winner - only time will tell! 

Team Boy - Auntie G couldn't decide between boy and girl so she represented for both sides! I got to represent for both sides too and I am thankful - everyday I think something different! 

Nonny made sure to represent both boy and girl items :) 

My sweet hostesses, they did such a wonderful job and it was so fun celebrating this sweet baby! Jess is on call and plans to put pink or blue balloons out when the little one arrives - she said that way the neighborhood will know that the new baby has arrived! 

My sweet family, I love each and every one of them - I am a lucky girl and sweet baby J is a lucky little baby, lots of wonderful people waiting to love on this sweet sugar! 

After the shower I made my family stay and go on a walk/waddle with me - it was fun! I think they were afraid I was going to go into labor on the walk - but I did not! Connor loved having everyone around, usually our walks are not so exciting :) It was such a wonderful morning and I am so incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people around me. I don't take for granted what a lucky girl I am. I can't wait to welcome this sweet little one into this family! :) 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Life Since Bedrest via Instagram!

It may sound very vain, but the first thing I did when I was released from bedrest was get my haircut. It had been about a year and a half since I had it cut and I just needed to get some weight off the back of it! My split ends were out of control - she took off SIX inches! I think all six were split ends :) I went with a "long bob" and I love it!! It is so easy and I just love not having the other six inches to deal with! Oh, the maid must have been off duty, look at that dirty mirrow - hahah! I think the "maid" is very pregnant and doesn't do a lot of windexing the mirror b/c said belly has a hard time reaching over the counter!
I finally had Bj get all the nursery bins down from the garage and I washed all the blankets, crib sheets, bobby covers, toys, car seats, pak n play, and gender neutral baby clothing. It was really fun to go through everything - how on earth was that boy below only 4lbs at birth?! I was bawling looking at his going home outfit, I just can't believe he was ever so small! He was a great helper and helped me organize everything - he also found a few goodies he "had to have because he loved them" haha!

I have been doing a little sewing for both my babies, I can't wait to give C his new blanket from Momma, I think he is going to love it :) He will probably like his gift from the babe better but I think he will enjoy a new blankey to love on :) 

We have been working (per dr's instructions) on walking this baby out! This was day one - he was wearing his "fastest running shoes". He would run ahead of me, come back and check on me and keep going, it was really funny!

We mainly do a lot of this - me propped up on the couch - him resting his legs on me somewhere and a dog waiting for him to drop his snack :) 

He looks like Dr. Evil in this picture! Poor Sedona is such a good sport :) 

Life if really rough for the dogs in this house - I mean, someone should really come and talk to us about the abuse! Ha! 

This was another day of walking babe out - I am pretty strict on C's wardrobe can you tell? Pj's, snow boots and his vest. I sure do love him a lot :) 

Happy Valentines Day!

Connor's preschool does a little Father/Child Valentines Day breakfast every year and I think it's so cute. It's such a cute little way to get the Dad's involved. They make little valentine crafts and have donuts and sing a little song. I think Connor was too shy to sing, but that doesn't surprise me :)

These two pictures make me laugh - they are a vast improvement from last year, I don't even think he looked at the camera, haha! I was laughing I think that is pretty much Connor at 4 - funny little stinker. 

On the actual Valentines Day we took a little trip to the zoo with our neighbors! It has been so nice and sunny the last few days,  a little chilly but sunny! So we have been trying to get out as much as possible and enjoy it, especially after a long winter of being cooped up. 

We didn't do much yesterday, just hung out! We made a nice dinner and I promptly put my feet up on the couch and didn't move much after that, haha! After walking the zoo for two hours, making dinner and running around in the morning I was done for! It was a nice little day - I was wondering if little bits would choose to arrive, but he/she didn't want to be a valentines day baby! 

Penguin Parade

As we are nearing the end of this pregnancy (and since I am now a wild woman off bedrest!) I wanted to try and do something fun with my boy before the babe arrives. I read about the Penguin Parade at the zoo and I was hoping we could make the last one, it may have been drizzling but we made it! It was adorable! The penguins did a little parade and they were right in front of us, it was really cool :)
He may not look so happy in this picture, but he was loving! I think he was pissed that Bj made him smile for a picture - I mean I should probably get used to that face I have a feeling I will see a lot of it as the years go by :) He was in charge of the camera and taking the pictures - he did a pretty good job capturing the penguins! 

We kept joking that they were going to make me stay with the penguin exhibit because I pretty much waddle like a penguin these days! Connor thought that was so funny and when NeNe asked him later that day how the penguins walked he said "ask Momma, she waddles like a penguin" Hahaha! 

They were seriously right in front of us - Connor couldn't stop giggling! They were just hanging out, out for a Sunday stroll! After the penguins we saw the sea lions and then we were out of there! This big old Momma can only handle so much waddling around, hahah! It was also drizzling and getting cold! 

I had to document what could have been our last outing as a family of 3! I mean - look at the size of that beautiful baby, I can't believe that this little one can still grow for the next few weeks! How is there any room left?! :) 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I can't remember if it was last week or the week before but we woke up to snow!! It was so fun, I don't think any of us realized how much we were going to get and it was so fun to run around and play in it! Thankful for hand me downs, I was able to get Connor all ready to go so he was toasty warm playing outside! He loved it! I think he played outside all morning and then came in for hot chocolate :)
Nothing like a little free manual labor :) I think Bj is excited to have some help out there shoveling away!

Nana found this little snow sled for Connor and gave it to him for Christmas - it was so perfect! I was so glad we had at least one good snow so he could use it - I am not kidding he was up and down the hill about 100 times. It was adorable! I have a few videos of him, but I can't remember how to upload them, haha! I am feeling big, pregnant and lazy so I am going to settle for pictures :) 

I just love his sweet face. 

He was all over this thing - the dogs kept chasing him down the hill - Sedona finally sank her teeth into it, but we sure had fun all morning playing with it! 

Our neighbors came over to try out the new sled and big the biggest snowman they could! I couldn't believe how big they got it, they used up most of the snow but it was a pretty darn good snowman :) It was funny he took a long time to melt - even with the much warmer temps the next day!


{photo courtesy of the wonderful and talented MP}
My whole pregnancy I have been hoping and praying that I would be able to this baby to full-term. It may not seem like such a huge thing to most, but after having a preemie this was the ultimate goal for me. To be excited at the end of this pregnancy and to have a baby that came home - not after a month long stay but after a short, normal 2-day stay. To be able to sit in my hospital bed after delivery and hold the baby - to be able to have people visit and pass the baby around - I seriously had daydreams about it! After my bedrest at 25 weeks I didn't think there was anyway this was possible, but still I hoped. The doctor said he wanted me to get to at least 36 weeks, I wanted at least 37. I DID IT! As I am typing this I am 38 weeks pregnant and I can't believe it, I feel like I need to pinch myself! I am so stinking excited! It took the help of wonderful friends, family, doctors and neighbors, but we did it!!  I love going out and having people's jaws drop when they see me and the belly coming :) I love when people tell me "oh, is there really only one in there?" or my favorite "there is NO way you are making it to your due date"! Ha! I love being really, really happy and excited at the end - not scared and terrified like I was with Connor. I love waking up everyday wondering if today is the day - I think it's funny the "labor strategy" thoughts that go through my mind when Bj has to run to work unexpectedly in the evening, it's so fun! I just love knowing that this baby is healthy and growing and doing everything they should in there :) I kind of love waiting on this little babe and wondering when he/she will arrive. Connor is talking more and more about it and asking some funny questions. He wanted to know the other day what we were going to do if the babies "hollering" woke him up in the middle of the night :) Ha! I am feeling so happy, excited, nervous, blessed and happy! Momma, Daddy and Big Brother can't wait to meet you sweet baby J!

Friday, February 1, 2013

36 Weeks!

I don't have any fun pictures to add to this little post, but I had to document it! 11 weeks ago when I went on bedrest, I wasn't sure this was a milestone we were going to hit and I must say that I am pretty darn proud of myself and everyone who has helped along the way! The dr. told me I had to get to at least 36 weeks and I did it! On Monday at my appointment I was 1cm and 80% effaced! He told me I could walk this baby out and within reason my restrictions were lifted! Woo-hoo!!! I seriously feel so happy, lucky and blessed :) I had 11 contractions in the 40 minutes I was monitored on Wednesday - the nurse even asked what pain scale they were on, haha! I said low and she said she thought they were doing there job! The little one looked great on Wednesday too - the little stinker somehow had there feet in front of there face, SO FUNNY! The baby's head is down WAY low and I can feel it, I said situated somewhere directly on top of my bladder :) I don't even have to drink a glass of water to have to go to the bathroom these days :) Everything is looking good and we are officially in baby month just waiting on this sweet, sweet little one to decide when to arrive!! 

Boy or Girl?

We are getting so close! Yesterday marked 36 weeks, I can't believe it!! As we get closer and closer I can't stop thinking about who this little peanut is! I love not knowing the gender and its been really fun to guess along the way this time :) I hadn't been sleeping very well so I started taking lots of gender prediction quizzes in the middle of the night - they are so funny! According to four quizzes I took 3 say girl and 1 says boy. My trusty old chinese calendar says this little one is a girl as well! Only time will tell! I think my favorite one had to do with the older siblings hair line - if it was straight you were having the same gender, if it was in a "peak" you were having the opposite. Connor's is in a "peak" so we shall see how that one pans out!
As I am typing this C is sitting in what is left of my lap mapping out a calendar with when he and everyone else in our family thinks the baby is going to arrive. I liked all of the ones in February, I wasn't so happy with the dates "60 days away" that he was coming up with! :) haha!
I picked out a boy and a girl bedding that I liked for the "closet" as we lovingly refer to the nursery! Bj keeps laughing at me that I am going to barely finish giving birth and ask for the ipad to order the appropriate bedding :) I said that was untrue - but I guarantee I will order it the same day the baby is born :)
Connor is still standing firm in his vote that this is a baby girl! Bj said he is wavering and leaning towards boy, I think I am leaning towards girl but I have boy in there too (I don't know why I am holding the girl bedding out in the picture, I think B told me to turn to the side - these pics were taken in December, I am MUCH larger now!). I laughed as I have been getting a boy and girl thing ready that I keep forgetting I only get one, not one of each :) I am just so excited and happy waiting on this little one, I can't believe we are in baby month and this little babe could really come anytime they would like! I said I really love being excited at the end of the pregnancy, this is what it should be like not terrified like I was with Connor! I know I will be nervous, scared and happy all rolled into one when I go into labor but for now I am just really excited. And on a terror getting things as ready as I can :)