Saturday, March 31, 2012

Steam Train

A steam train came through Webster the other night and it was so fun! We walked down to Yo My Goodness for some ice cream and a prime seat right by the train tracks.

They had so much fun playing with these rocks while we waited for the train, it is the little things in life that keep them happy :)

Connor ate grapes, a bite of cheese/turkey and ice cream for dinner. I mean, that works when a steam train comes through right?!

It was so neat! We could hear the whistle and see the steam puffing away as it came around the corner. It came so fast though I was too shocked to take a picture of the steam engine, haha! I only got the caboose :) It was really neat though it was a passenger train so all the people were waving and they were blowing the horn. It was really cool and we love trains so it was a nice little Tuesday evening fun!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


This is the last one for the  day, I promise! I just had to throw this one in - I took this with my phone the other day to send to Bj and I couldn't get over how much he looks like his daddy in this picture! With the sunglasses and the way his mouth is, he is the spitting image of his daddy :)

Celebrate Fitness!

Nonny volunteers at Celebrate Fitness every year and we love goining in on the fun! This year Catin and G came with us and we had a great time! My mom's friend Joanne is a survivor so we walked with her and her family. It is amazing how many people this disease touches, we are so happy to be able to help in any way we can! Uncle Davey and Uncle Shannon were volunteer medics this year too!

We walked the fun run/walk and then did it again to pick up all the signs with my mom. Connor and I ran for a few minutes and he was killing me he kept going "faster momma, faster!" haha! He was a little drill sergeant - maybe he will help me get my butt in gear :)

Life Lately/iPhone Dump

We have had the most beautiful weather here lately, it is just amazing! Sometimes I feel guilty its so beautiful out, haha! Connor just finished up his spring break and I think we were outside all day everyday for almost the whole week. It rained a little towards the end of the week which was okay because I was able to get the house picked up, haha! Here are just a few shots from life before spring break.  
Reading books at school and going on Chick-A-Lay dates! Connor loves to play on the playground and he loves meeting his friends for lunch dates :) It is amazing how crowded that place is during the lunch hour, haha!!

Using our Magic House membership for some play dates! They have the neatest traveling tree house exhibit right now, the kiddos loved it! We had a great time playing, Connor was worn out - he fell asleep on the way home. I think his friend Maggie did too :)

Taking the dogs "or d,o double y's" as Connor calls them :) the park and having them catch the frisbee! We got spring fever pretty bad and decided to give the dogs there summer haircuts a few months early! Haha, we did it on a super windy day in the backyard - B was trimming, I was catching it with the wet vac. It was fun but I don't see B and I opening up a dog grooming business together anytime in the near future :)

I love this picture, Connor loves his doggies so much and I think the feeling is pretty mutual :) I actually think that sneaky little grin was because he was trying to evade his car seat and sit in the back with the dogs!

Visiting with Bella and Aunt Mags! They came to music class with us on Wednesday and we loved it! It was so fun having another friend come with us :)

Here he is ordering me around while I was working on orders at my mom's house :) Ha! I actually think he was taking my lunch order and reminding me of everything I needed to pick up at the grocery store :) Sweet little monkey!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Last Party Pic!

I know it's blurry, but I loved this picture from my party. Uncle Shannon snapped it and I just loved it. Something about it just reminds me of "us". I can't remember if I wrote down how much Connor loved celebrating my birthday. He even told his teachers at school that today was my birthday :) Haha! He keeps randomly going "Happy Birthday Momma" you are "old thirty" hahahaha!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

One of my favorite days in March would be St. Patrick's Day! March 17th in the STL did not disappoint, it was a beautiful day and we were ready to party! Haha! We decided to have the family over for some cornbeef and cabbage and to celebrate my and my mom's birthday's. It was such a fun day that started out with a quick trip to the Dogtown Parade. 

My handsome boys, pretty sure I couldn't love them anymore. We got a great parking space and we were off to the crowds! Oh my word, it was SO PACKED at the parade there was just no way we were going to see anything, it was crazy!

So instead of battling the crowds we took some pictures to look like we were there and then we headed back to our house for drinks and apps on the porch while we waited for the rest of the party to arrive :)
Someone totally loves his sunglasses these days, he wears them all the time! It is pretty cute, these are his favorite pair :)
We stopped at the grocery store and Connor closed the door on Bj's finger, it was scary! Thankfully he got off the hook with only a bad cut and then we made it home just in time for the heavens to open and the rain came pouring down! It was amazing (I love good storms!) and it was so nice to watch it all on the porch.

We had a wonderful St. Patricks Day, I can't believe March is already pretty much over! It was so fun having everyone over to our house and we can't wait for the next shin dig :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Big 3-0!

 I hit a big milestone birthday this year, the big 3-0! I really just can't believe how fast the last thiry years have gone and I really can't believe I am no longer in my 20's it just doesn't seem real! I really enjoyed my 20's, I have so many wonderful memories and I am really looking forward to seeing what the 30's have in store for me! My BIG present this year was our trip to the DR and it was wonderful! My sweet mother in law and hubby also planned a little surprise party for me and it was wonderful! I was TOTALLY surprised!! I really thought we were just going to dinner with a little stop for a drink, I had no idea that some of my family and friends would be waiting to surprise me :) Thankfully our friend Charlie took some pictures so I have a few to remember the wonderful evening by!
Walking in, I was like "Did you do this?!" Haha! It was perfect there were about 15 people and it was just perfect we had some drinks and some appetizers and it was just so nice to hang out with everyone and chat!
 I think I said "I just can't believe this, what are you all doing here?!" about 100 times, I really couldn't believe that they pulled this off!

It was just such a wonderful evening and I totally enjoyed celebrating my birthday all week long! On my actual birthday, the next day Connor and I ran around and did some errands and just hung out. He didn't get the memo the whole day that it was my birthday because he was totally acting his age of 3 for the beginning of the day :) We went out to dinner the three of us and had the best greek food, came home for some Cup cupcakes and hung out! We watched The Bachelor and Alcatrez while I clipped coupons, hahaha! A far cry from some birthdays in my 20's but I wouldn't have it any other way :) I have been so blessed in my life, I love where I am, I love my family, friends and everything about my little life. I know the 30's are going to bring about even more wonderful memories!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

So I don't forget...

This child has been cracking me up lately - he can be a total bear and 3 has brought about many new challenges we have not yet faced, but he is absolutely hilarious and I love listening to the things that come out of his mouth (most of the time!). I just had to write some of them down so I don't forget :)

--Here he is with his legs crossed (refused to take the coat off too) making a grocery list while I shopped. He LOVES to make lists. He will also sit down with a pad and paper and go "okay, so what's your problem?". I mean...I have no idea where this came from!

--He got a handful of girl scout cookies the other day and while I was buckling him in his car seat he looks and me and says "Momma, these cookies make me happy!".

--He loves the phrase "I really hope so" or "I really wish that..."

--Loves the phrase "those damn dogs" AH!!! Sometimes it slips out of our mouth, we have had to make sure we remind him it's not a very nice thing to say.

--Saw some lightning last night on the porch and said "what's that? oh, someone must have just taken my picture." hahahahahahah!!!

--Told me the other day that boys drive jeeps and girls drive mini vans...what?! NO idea where he got that one from!

--Loves to play pretend - his current favorite is playing pirates in his new swing set in the backyard, he could play on it for hours!

--He loves to put his cars in my little purses, it's hilarious. He loves plastic bags, my reusable grocery bags, my little wristlet purses and containers - he loves the little ones because he can only put a few cars in them.

--He loves to make grocery lists, he will sit with a pen and paper and either take your order and cook you dinner or make a grocery or sam's list. He also sat down with a paper and pen the other day, crossed his leg, looked and me and said "okay momma, so what's your problem. tell me about your problem."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Punta Cana, DR - Here we Come!

Ah! We were lucky enough to round up babysitters for Connor man and scoot out of town with my bestie and her husband for a week long vacation in the Dominican Republic!! We had the most amazing time and it was a pretty fun way to celebrate my upcoming "BIG" birthday!! We had the most wonderful time and it was just so wonderful to catch up with Steph and Keith and relax!!! You will have to pop over to Steph's blog, she has a better blog post than I feel like typing right now, haha!!

 Look at how beautiful the water/beach is?! Oh my goodness, I could have laid there for a week straight - and I almost did! We spent a lot of time at the pool since it was right outside our window and just gorgeous! We had wonderful weather and it was so nice to eat, sleep and hang out with some great friends! We are seriously already ready to go back - we thought a trip away once a year sounded about right, huh?! :)

Look at this cute little man who tried to stow-away in our suitcase before we left!
Oh, it was just lovely! I sure missed my Connor but I knew he was in great hands with Nonny and Nana (thanks guys!!) so I was able to kick back, relax and worry about nothing! We said it was so nice to get away and shed responsibility for a week, but I sure was excited to get back to my little man :) It was a nice way to ease me into March which meant my 30th birthday!!

Valentine's Day!

 I am behind again, I think that is the story of my life! But we have been busy and having fun so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad :) Ha! It's my way of justifying it! C's school had a little father/son breakfast for Valentine's Day and it was pretty precious! I kind of wish I had been invited, hehe! Thankfully B did a good job and took a few pictures for me. Look at the face on this kid - his "pout pout lip" is a whole other post, it's kind of hilarious.

 They did a little craft and had donuts for breakfast, Bj and Connor both said it was really fun and they enjoyed themselves :)
This was the best of all the pictures, the little stinker wouldn't smile for anything. I mean, can we say 3 years old in this picture, haha! We had a nice, quiet evening at home on Valentine's Day because we were leaving for our trip the next morning! Connor made the worlds cutest valentine for us at school, I am not kidding when I tell you I keep it in my purse, it is adorable. I just might post a picture of it :)