Monday, September 14, 2009

Snoozing? I think Not...

The other day when after I put Connor down for his nap, I heard him fussing. It was only about 20 minutes into the nap and that is unusual for the little man. I let him fuss for a few minutes before I decided to check on him (I am such a sucker, I know!). Well, when I opened the door, this is what I found! The little peanut had pulled down his bumper pads and was attempting to scale the back of his crib! It was pretty funny!
What did I do you ask? Oh, I didn't let him peacefully continue, oh no! I flipped the lights on, ran for the camera and took about 50 pictures of my sweet baby trying to pull himself up on the side of his crib! He just looked so cute and he was so proud of himself :) I "helped" him get all the way up and then we just played. He "walked" around the crib and laughed while I brushed the tears off my face because my little boy is growing up before my eyes!

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