Monday, March 30, 2009

Scout's Little Buddy

After Sedona watched as we brushed our teeth and took out contacts last night, we walk out to see this on the bed. The little man and his best friend...
We can't wait until Connor is riding on the back of Scout, chasing him through the doggie door and out the backyard. This is what life is all about -- the simple, sweet things.
(we only had the camera cell phone handy)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Monday!

Just because I think he is pretty darn cute and I love him to death.
I also wanted to show off the forhead he inherited from his Guardian Angel Pa-Pa!!

Flat as a Pancake...

The other morning I was up before Bj, so I got Connor and gave him his breakfast. He fell asleep right after breakfast but I wasn't ready to lay back down, so I put him in bed next to his daddy. I ran downstairs to get something and when I came back upstairs this is what I saw. Sweet Pea flat as a pancake and sound asleep!Before you think we are the worst parents -- he LOVES to sleep on his belly. He was OH-SO-SPOILED in the NICU with a warm pad under his belly and able to sleep any way he pleased. At first I was hesitant but when I realized it was the only way he would sleep sometimes, I caved. My mom also said that we all slept on our bellies and we were just fine. I haven't been able to let him sleep in his crib on his belly (except during the day) but I do indulge him when I am awake and can check on him. I just can't help it -- the boy needs to sleep!
Just a little close-up of his sweet-as-can-be precious face, fast asleep!
I really do love this baby!!!

Tummy Time...

A video of our sweet boy holding up his head!!!!
He has been launching himself off of our chests for the last three weeks and craning his neck back so he can look at us. He has been working on tummy time and finally got his big old head off the blanket!!! He looked so very sweet and he was so proud of himself. I am sorry for all of you that turn up the volume you will hear one very LOUD and PROUD momma screaming at him! :)
I can't get over just how amazing it to watch life through your child's eyes. It is truly amazing!


Ever since I worked at CCLC, I have been obsessed with the Bumbo chair. I would see the cute little infants in their seats and just die, I thought they were the cutest little things ever. I mean...they just look so tiny! So, I knew that when I had a baby I would definitely have one for him or her. I have been anxiously awaiting the day when I could get it out for came and he look as cute as I thought he would! He is too much and he really likes it! We like to sit in the bumbo in his room and read books -- he is getting really comfortable in it!
The dogs pretty much think we have it so they can have easy access to him on the floor. It is kind of funny they just zoom in for some kisses and Connor time! I couldn't get any really good pictures of him in it because he was moving too fast! I think I called my mom and Bj right away to tell them how cute he looked!
The next thing I can't wait for is putting the tray on and playing with toys!! I am also anxious to start feeding the little man some cereal...I think he is getting ready. I noticed him "chewing" the other day!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


So, I am a little ashamed to admit that while in the hospital I fell in love with the "Twilight" series. I had not heard anything about it until the day I got into the hospital, the movie was coming out and it was all the hype. Several people offered to bring them by and I was like whatever, I am not reading that silly book. UM...I finally caved because I LOVE reading (hence the bookshelf that had to be in Connor's room and the two shelves full of books!) and I wanted something else to keep me going. I mean...I needed an excuse to stay in the bathtub for longer! Yeah, when I finally started reading it I couldn't stop. I had the whole series read in about a week and a half. I was so psycho about it I read them out loud to Connor. He was born when I was starting on the second book, so he got to hear them in person...the lucky dog. I would sit in his room in the NICU and read for hours, I couldn't stop until I was done.

Now, to backtrack, I am a book person. Most of the time I am going to like the book better than the movie, the only exception has been Harry Potter. I haven't read the books I have only seen the movies and I love them. Well, on Thursday night I made BJ watch Twilight with me. It had come out over the weekend and I don't know how I held back as long as I did, but I have to say I really enjoyed it. Though -- I think I am alone on this, I did not find Edward Cullen all that attractive and I was not a fan of Jacob's long hair!! So, that is that, I had to share!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Ready for Night-Nights!

We have a very nice little routine when it comes to bedtime. I am really big on baby/kiddo schedules, I think it is a benefit for the kiddo and the parents as well. I am slowly, now that he is three months, working in a schedule for the rest of the day - but we have had a little bedtime routine for some time now. We go upstairs and take a bath (every other or two days), get lotioned up, clean jammies, read some books and have a bottle. After that it is usually lights out for all of us! :)
So, I took a few snapshots of tummy time right before bathtime and some shots of him in his cute new hoodie towel, and sitting in the chair ready to read his books!

Cute boy in his new hooded towel, I was a little excited, could you tell? He got all snuggled in his jammies and he was out like a sweet little angel 3o minutes later. Night-night, Sleep tight sweet boy!


So, I just realized that I had not posted a video of Connor since he was in the NICU! I had to rememdy that and is a little video of the munchkin butt playing in his pak 'n play. He has realized again how much he loves the polka dots in his pak 'n play! He also loves watching the bears "dance" above his head...sweet boy! Enjoy!

It's A Blizzard!

It finally snowed!! For pretty much the first time this winter we have snow and not just snow, a BLIZZARD!! I was worried that Connor wasn't going to believe us that he was born in the middle of winter in Colorado, but at the first sign of snow I bundled him up, threw on Bj's ski stuff and ran outside to take a picture, I just couldn't help myself!

Luckily I was already working from home today so I didn't have to drive anywhere in this yucky weather, we already have about 10 or 11 inches and it is still snowing!! They are estimating 1 to 2 feet, I love it! Hopefully I will be able to work from home again tomorrow because the thought of driving anywhere in this does not thrill me in the slightest.
the backyard that we were going to put grass seed down on just over the weekend, good thing we didn't!
It's still coming down!!
I know this picture is sideways, but I thought it was too cute. He was all tuckered out after playing in the snow. Probably more so from momma and daddy telling him how much fun it is going to be when he is older and playing in the snow! He can run around and play with the doggers while I make homemade hot chocolate inside!

Hanging Out with Momma and Daddy

We were having fun this past weekend just lounging around the house! We were just enjoying our time with the bugster. Surprisingly, I took a few pictures! The weather was so nice and I really enjoyed being able to pull out some of Connor's spring attire. I think he looks pretty cute in his blue and white outfit! He was such a big boy sitting in his boppy, playing with Sedoners and snoozing in the stroller. We have been going on walks when the weather is nice and he just gets all cozy and falls right asleep! I think it's the motion and as a bonus it gives me a break from bouncing up and down with him! Needless to say, it was a really nice weekend hanging out as a family...I am looking forward to the next one!

Four Generations

big yawn!
With Momma -- look at that sweet boy!

Gazing at C man -- this is one of my favorites!

He is a very lucky little boy -- look at the amazing women in his life!

Wonderful MP took some pictures of the four generations in my family so far. My granny, mom, myself and Connor. I remember seeing these pictures with me in them as a baby and I still can't quite believe I am the one with the bambino, I made the fourth generation! It was really neat to get them taken, and I think they turned out great! We took a similar picture with Bj and his dad and Grandpa (in the St. Louis slideshow) and I just know Connor is really going to be happy that he has these pictures one day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I was driving down Forsyth on Friday afternoon in St. Louis and I just let out a very content sigh. I am happy, ridiculously happy. I called Bj and said I was so happy. It was a beautiful day, I was driving to get cupcakes with our beautiful son in the back seat, I had seen his parents that morning, had lunch with my mom and I was really, really happy. I know I have mentioned once or twice how tired and utterly exhausted I am...but underneath all of that I have never been happier. I am so in love with my life and my family and I am deliriously happy. Have I mentioned that I am happy!? I was so overwhelmed with emotion in that moment, and I had to share it. As far as parenthood - I think we are fitting into our roles rather nicely :)

Bath Time at Granny's!

It's Connor again! I my house momma and daddy put in my boring old bathtub...but at Granny's house I get to take a bath in the sink! Look how happy I am!!

Just one of many things that will be more fun at Granny and Nana and Grandpa's house!

Pictures from The Lou...

I mean, there is no way this kid can ever say that he wasn't loved from the minute he arrived. I feel as though I could make a living off all the pictures we take of our beautiful boy...if only someone would pay me to do that!

Surprise, I am in St. Louis!

Hello World, It's me Connor!

My momma finally let me have a turn at the computer and this bloggy that she is always trying to write on! I just wanted to tell you all about my second adventure in St. Louis. Momma wanted to take another trip and introduce me to my Great Granny and Clete. So, she packed us up and off we went! I was really proud of her, she did a great job wrangling me through the airport all by herself. When we got into town, we went to see Granny Mary Pat and then straight over to Great Granny's (after picking up Auntie and Cousin Patrick). I had so much fun, I was looking cute in my St. Patrick's Day outfit, and I was so happy to finally meet the rest of my family. My GG was SO excited to meet me, she couldn't believe that we were there! I think she might have been a little excited to see my momma too!
The next day I got to spend the morning with my Nana and Grandpa and then it was some errands with momma. I had fun stealing my Granny away from her work on Thursday and Friday too. She also gave me baths in the sink again, I sure do love visiting my Granny! My GG loved me so much she came over to play with me on Thursday while momma snuck out and bought me a new hooded towel and some washcloths. We hung out with Auntie, Uncle Mike, Aunt Von, Aunt Sandra and Elijah, and Elise too! I saw the house that Uncle Johnathan built and Msgr. Sudekum gave me a blessing to tide me over until my baptism. It was a great vacation, I already can't wait to see everyone again! I think I am one lucky little boy to have such a great family already, I really love them!

Thanks everyone I love you and can't wait to see you soon!


Connor Francis

P.s. - My momma is stealing the computer back and posting about 100 pictures of me on my trip...she sure is a crazy one, but I really love her! :)

Connor Francis and Halee Rae

The Crask's has us all over for dinner a few Saturdays ago and it was our first time meeting Ms. Halee Rae Morris, our friends Doug and Monica's new baby girl. She is just darling and the proud parents look so happy! We had fun doing a photo shoot with the sweet peas, and I think the pictures turned out precious!!
Congrats Doug and Monica, we are so happy for you and your new family!

Big Boy Crib!

You got it, my sweet boy is sleeping in his big boy crib!!!

I am so proud of we just have to get him sleeping through the night in his room! We finally took the advice of the doctor and got a heater for his room because he loves it toasty and that was the trick we needed. He is getting pretty good about sleeping for four or so hours at a time! A feat I did not imagine a mere two months ago! At first I was worried I would have a hard time moving him from our room to his bed. As previously stated, he hated his bassinet. For the life of me I could not get him to sleep for more than 30 minutes when he was in there. I tried EVERYTHING to no avail. Finally one day I went against everything I said I would and put him in our bed. The little booger slept for 3.5 straight hours. I couldn't believe it. I now see how parents say they will do anything because I caved, if that was going to make him happy, I was more than willing to oblige. We had him in our room for about three weeks before weaning him into his crib. He has done fabulous and I really think we both enjoy having our own rooms and space. I love getting up and feeding him in his room in the middle of the night and I think he loves sleeping swaddled in his 85* room! All I can say is way to go Connor Francis, lets just work on sleeping through the night and giving your tired old momma and daddy a break!

3 Months!

March 17th, 2009 -- St. Patrick's Day was also my sweet boy's three month birthday! WOW! I can't believe my sweet baby boy is 3 months old! It feels like the last three months have flown by, but in other ways I feel like he is so much a part of our lives I don't remember ever not having him here. He is wonderful and perfect and I don't know what I would do without him. We don't go to the doctor until four months, so no stats this month!

(the pictures was from granny's birthday!)

He is getting SO BIG! He is starting to hold his head up more, laughing, smiling, cooing, recognizing us, lifting up with his arms and sleeping in his big boy crib! He has been on two plane trips and met his whole immediate family. He is such a love bug and his favorite spot is in our arms or sleeping on our chests. I feel like everyday that I wake up I fall a little more in love with him -- as if that is possible. I may complain a lot about the sleepless nights, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Each minute with Connor man is precious and I can handle all the sleepless nights in the world. I know that these infant days aren't going to last and soon enough I will be writing about him walking and talking...or getting his first tooth! I have to say I will savor and enjoy the next three months as much as I have loved the last three -- I know he will bring us as much joy as he has since his arrival in this world.

Oh, and for the record. I sniff,sniff, just finished putting away all of his newborn clothes! I can't believe that he is the same boy who once was swimming in preemie he is busting out of 0-3 months clothes! Ah!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Old Weight Watchers...

I was thinking the other day about how excited I am for this summer -- Maggie and Andrew's wedding, meeting Baby Kepplinger, and Michigan. I can't believe how close these things are, it is going to be a wonderful time! I then realized that BIG MOMMA was going to have to get into a swim suit and spaghetti straps! YIKES... It then dawned on me that I needed to get some of the Connor Johnson weight off this body. I heaved myself upstairs, got on the scale, nearly fainted from the number, and signed myself up for a three month stint at Weight Watchers. Bj is under strict orders to not let me renew the membership at the end of three month unless I have made some progress...
I have to say that as of now I am totally shocked that my weight didn't just fall off like it does for the stars. Odd -- I thought for sure you gave birth and immediately went back to your high school weight?! :) So it looks like good old fashioned hard work for me and I know I will be good as new again. I bought myself a new swimsuit for the summer, as my incentive. We shall see how it goes! Wish me luck though and if I am out with you PLEASE hold me accountable! Here is the new suit...

The Three Amigos

My other momma, Mary Pat, was sweet enough to take some pictures of Connor Man when we were in St. Louis a few weeks ago. She is an amazing photographer and I am already plotting the pictures I am hoping she will take when we are in Michigan -- I am thinking Christmas card!! We had everyone over to my mom's house on Friday night and the three amigos -- aka the three cutest boys ever had a little photo shoot. Frankie, Eli and Connor -- I mean...can we say future heartbreakers?! I can already hear the after dinner phone calls from girls in their future!! :) Oh, so scary to think about...

Anywho...they had a little photo shoot, they loved each other, and in my totally unbiased opinion, I think they are precious! Frankie kept leaning in for love and Eli did not want to put his baby Coco down! Loves and hanging really doesn't get much sweeter than that!
Look at the sweet little feet!!! You all know how I am with feet, all the different sizes! I love it!

I think they are going to be best friends and I can't wait for them to grow up together. Bj and I kept laughing about how neat it was to see Frankie at 1, Eli at 2 and Connor at 2 months. We still can't quite believe that is going to be Connor in one and two years. He is going to be walking and talking and running around with the big kids. I think it is so neat to see your friends with kids and I can't wait to do the things with them that we did growing up. It is going to be so much fun, I really can't wait for all that their little lives have in store!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top Of the Mornin!

Happy St. Patrick's Day
to you and yours!

Love, O'Connor Johnson