Monday, September 14, 2009


On Saturday, I had a wedding to go to (Congrats Elise and Greg!!!) and Daddy and CFJ went to Nana and Grandpa's house to watch the Notre Dame game! We are huge Notre Dame fans as it is Grandpa Terry's Alma Mater and Daddy has watched them all his life. They were playing Michigan on Saturday - a huge rival and it was the perfect day for CFJ to show off all of his gear!
He had so much fun hanging out with Grandpa and he can't wait for the rest of the games in the future he will get to sit and watch with Grandpa and Daddy! Don't they look handsome in their outfits?
Here we see the little man getting a head start on some beer drinking during the games! He looks a little too cozy with that bud light bottle, don't you think? Am I going to have my hands full with this one? Don't you love the "Little Irish" hat? We found that at the outlets in Indiana on the way home from Michigan!
The little man and his daddy! I think I have some pretty cute boys in my life! P.S. - Are my pictures blurry? They are blurry to me and it's driving me crazy! Anyone else noticing this?

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Lauren said...

Hey Ellen -

These pictures are GREAT!!! Just to answer your question, they are a little blurry when they are in the "thumbnail" view, but once you click on them, they are clear as can be. And they really are on a tiny bit blurry - not bad at all!

Love ya'll!