Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Bangs and Wings?

So, I have been noticing these AWESOME "bangs" and "wings" framing my lovely face lately and it's been driving me crazy! I think I look a hot mess most days, but with the addition of the aforementioned bangs and wings I look ever worse! I could not figure out why on earth I would be growing these new baby hairs, and yesterday I came across this blog and I laughed out loud! I will take baby bangs and wings any day as it means that I have my sweet boy, but lord have mercy my hair is a fright! Once I stopped breastfeeding I noticed my hair started falling out again and I lost the luxurious pregnancy hair - but this I will say is an unwelcome side effect of the old pregnancy. Oh well, maybe it will get better?

Momma's out there with baby bangs, any advice? Can I schlack them back? Cut them off? Tame them in anyway? Maybe one of these days I will post a picture, but I am sure no one wants to see my crazy flyaway hairs!

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