Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Steamboat Springs

We finally made it to the last leg of our trip - we are in Steamboat!! It was so fun visiting our old favorite spots, but we were really excited to see Steamboat for the first time, a place neither of us has been before! We loved it! I did a terrible job of taking pictures, but we had a wonderful time!

This was from camping, but I had to add it for my memory - the boy loves his cars, he kept joking with me that they really needed a bath after going camping because they were full of dirt!
 He loves swimming - he gets in and swims all around, he is too funny! They have a slide at the pool and he loved it, he was up and down it about a hundred times - it was so fun to watch.
 Enjoying a RIO margarita! Bj said it was hard to stop after one, they are pretty darn tasty :)
 We did the alpine slide in Steamboat and it was SO fun! You took the gondola up to this giant slide and went down on these little sleds. It was adorable and Connor loved it. It was so funny he was grinning from ear to ear and wanted to go faster and faster! If it wasn't $10 a person we would have ridden it all day :)
We also celebrated 5 years while we were in Steamboat! It was kind of fun to be celebrating another wedding 5 years after our own! It makes you think back on all the things we have done in the last five years. Overall we had an amazing trip, it was so fun to see friends, places and everything we used to do all the time! We are so thankful Adam and Laura got married and invited us along for the ride :) I know I have said it a 100 times but I was just so proud of Connor for doing such a great job the whole car ride. He was such a trooper and it was awesome traveling with our little family. I can't forget to add that we stopped quite a few times on the side of the road between MO and CO for lots of potty breaks. We had it down to a science - you need to go pee pee? Alright, out of the car and right back on the highway, love it!