Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet as Sugar...

I went in to check on Connor last time and this is how I found him :) I most defiantely startled him when I took the picture...sorry sweet pea, Momma will do anything for a picture! He just looked at me and went right back to sleep. Is he not the sweetest little angel?!

Happy Hour!

...at Sonic!
I stopped at Sonic on my way home the other day for their "happy hour" I love the lime slushies and they are 1/2 off between 2-4pm. I know Connor loves them so I got a large ($1.17!) to share with him when I got home. He wasn't awake so I woke him up gave him kisses....he spotted the slushy, grabbed it and ran over to his little car. He opened up the door, got in, closed the door and drank away! It was PRECIOUS and of course I took 15 pictures of him!!

Fun for the WHOLE family...

C's "fake" water table had a little run in with the car so when I saw that Babies 'R Us had one on sale (AND I had a $10 gift card) I knew it was meant to be. The weather was gorgeous last weekend so we couldn't resist picking up a new water table for the little guy! He loves it! And so do his doggies :) Ha! After I set it up they ran right over and had a little drink! I laughed I was like I did not buy you a big water bowl, I bought your brother a new water table!

He has had so much fun splahing and playing in it and I know it will provide hours of summer fun! I have to admit I really like playing in it too...my favorite is that that "glacier" to the right is a waterfall and I like to let the penguin slide down it :) hahaha!

Monday, May 24, 2010

17 Months/Glacier National Park!

Connor Francis, have I mentioned that you are already a world traveler? You have been so many places and when we tell you down the road how we celebrated your 17 month birthday I think your friends might be jealous :) After your 3 hour crying stint from Spokane, through Idaho to Montana...you decided to sleep the remaining car rides away! I really think we wore you out (so much so that the Wednesday we got back you slept until 9:30!) and you needed your sleep where you could get it! After Uncle Bubba graduated we decided to pile in the car and head up to Glacier National Park...To say that it was beautiful doesn't do it justice. It was simply breathtaking and I will forever be thankful that we were able to share it with you. You have so much fun playing in the water (and it was COLD, you are brave!) hanging out with our family, riding in your backpack carrier and being YOU!
At 17 months you are hilarious! You are into everything just as you have been for quite some time :) You are a little explorer and you are happiest outside. You still love to sniff the flowers and you have started taking our hands and holding it and walking with us. Melts my heart every time and I will go wherever your little hand takes me. You love your cozy coupe car and the feel of the wind on your face.
You have started talking up a storm and though maybe not everyone could understand what you are saying, I do! You say (and sign) more, you say dada, momma, diaper, dog and you are starting to say something for Nonny, NeNe and NaNa! You know all of your body parts (though the knees and elbows mess you up a bit!) and you wash your body in the bathtub. You do great drinking out of a cup with no lid and have totally mastered stealing all of our cups, especially daddy's!
You have nice manners totally have "please" down and we are working on the signs for "help" and "thank you". You are starting to say the word and sign the word...and I love it! Your new favorite spot in the house is the window seat upstairs, you like to "knock" on the window when you see someone outside.
You LOVE, I mean LOVE trucks! You are just mesmerized by them and want to get as close as you can when you see one. You could also sit in the front yard on our laps watching the cars for hours. You climb on and over everything - you are so good at getting on and off the window seats, bed and couch. You have started a new routine when you wake up - you dance in your crib for a minute and then hand us your blanket, monkey and bunny - get out of the crib (I lay on the floor) and you sit in your chair next to me and we read books.

You are still sweet as can be and you just love life. You stomp your feet and screech when you are mad ( we try not to laugh, but it's a little on the funny side!) and you still love your bath time. You will pretend like you want to get out but them you scoot back, smile and sit down...you little stinker pie!
You pushed me out of this picture so you could "pose" by yourself! You are a ham and we love it :) You were so good (for the most part!) on this trip and you loved seeing your Uncle Davey. You missed your G on Wednesday morning because she had the pleasure of staying in the room with us all weekend!
After turning 17 months old in Glacier, it was back to Missoula for one last dinner with the gang. We had such a great time and we miss Uncle Bubba soooo much! We are counting down the days until he is back in St. Louis where he belongs :) Thank you for being such a great host Uncle Bubba...we love you!

Uncle Bubba Graduates: Part 2

I did not get great pictures from inside graduation, but I just had to show how cute they all looked with their fire hats on :) After Davey accepted his diploma, Connor and I stepped outside to play around while they finished up the ceremony. We were reunited with everyone at the end and took some pictures of Bubba and his friends. All of the boys at the fire station were so nice! Afer all the obligatory pictures we made Bubba take us back to the fire station and give us a tour. He gave us a great tour and we were all mesmerized!! He is so smart and knew the answers to all the questions we peppered him with :) Connor didn't make it into the station as he fell asleep in the car on the 10 minute drive from graduation to the station :) Do you think we are wearing him out?!

We had such a great time at gradaution and we are so proud of you Uncle Bubba! After a busy day of graduating we were off to dinner and the next day...Glacier National Park!

Uncle Bubba Graduates: Part 1

Oh my word, we have been so busy in the STL recently it's crazy! May, June and July are crazy busy months for us and we started off our whirlwind tour with a stop in Montana for Uncle Bubba's graduation! We were so excited and so proud of Uncle Bubba for working so hard in school and graduating with a degree in fire science. We know he is going to make an awesome firefighter and most importantly we can't wait to have him back in St. Louis!

We had a great group of people heading to the festivities, my mom, Connor and I (Bj had to work), Auntie, Aunt Von, Uncle Mike, Uncle Bill, Uncle David, Mp and Gerard! It was a blast, I don't think anyone had anything less than a great time. Well...I take that back. Connor Francis was so great for most of the trip...We left St. Louis after waking C up at six, flew to Minnesota, had a two hour layover, flew for 2 hours and 40 minutes to Spokae and drove three hours to Missoula, Mt. PHEW! Are you tired thinking about that? I am tired after living through it and writing about it :) He was great but by the time the car rode rolled around he had had enough and cried the whole three hours from Spokane to Idaho to Montana :) Sorry Mom and G! :) Other than that he was great and we took in lots of sights. I am going to let the pictures to the rest of the talking...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance!

The little moose is a dancing fool! He is too cute and just shakes his little booty :) I have so much to share, have you all missed me?! :) We were out of town...stay tuned for a picture overload!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

My second little Mother's Day arrived and it was just as wonderful as the first one :) We didn't do much but hang out and enjoy the day...and it was wonderful! Bj and Connor made me breakfast, we played upstairs, we played outside, hung out with Nonny, hung out with Nana, Grandpa and Aunt Jen, and NeNe, Uncle Mike and Aunt Von. It was a wonderful day and I am so thankful for the little boy who makes me a momma! I am also pretty thankful for my wonderful mom, she is always amazing but she has been such an amazing help to us this last year I don't even know how to describe it! I am so thankful for my NeNe and my wonderful mother-in-law - I am a lucky girl to be surrounded by amazing women in my life! I thought these pictures were just too sweet not to share! MP took some pictures of my sweet boy so we could give them to the grandma's for Mother's Day! I think they turned out pretty darn sweet :)
We were goofing around in C's room and I started snapping some pictures. He was being a Ham with capital H and I just love the little pictures I got of this sweet heart :) I hope you all enjoyed your mother's day and celebrating all the sweet momma's in your life!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Lake of the Ozarks

My little family and I decided we needed to get out of town for a few days so we packed up and headed to the Lake! It was a great weekend and we did NOTHING, I really mean NOT A THING and it was wonderful :) We lounged around, cooked some meals and watched tv. I said I haven't had a weekend like that in a long while and it was wonderful :) We didn't play on the computer or talk on the phone (much) and it was really nice to unplug for a few days! I didn't take too many pictures, so please enjoy those that I did take:) "Borrowing" my new shades from the Women's Show in NC! I think he looks much cuter in them :)
Cheesing before going out to breakfast!

Showing off the new swim trunks, thanks Aunt Steph!
We had the pool to ourselves and he LOVED it! Especially jumping off the side into momma and daddy's arms :) That was our weekend, we hope you had a good one too!