Thursday, January 27, 2011

These Boots Were Made for Walkin...

 I have a wonderful little family that I used to nanny for when I was in college - they have two boys and have been so gracious and handed down so many things for C! Most of it he won't be able to wear until next summer, but we are thrilled to have stuff for any size! I told Casey that we were thinking of going snow-shoeing on Sunday and she said she had some boots she wanted to give us! Woo-hoo! It was the only thing we really didn't have for him and probably one of the most important for snow-shoeing! Look at those little legs, I could just pinch them they are so cute :)
 She was so sweet and dropped them off (along with a snow suit!) and this little half nakey man has been having so much fun with them! He loves to put them on and zip them up! This little man has also enjoyed calling himself "nakey man" the last few days and taking his pants off. Silly little thing! He has on a onesie, diaper and two shirts :) Do you love his dirty little face? I swear it never stays clean - that is a little applesauce leftover from dinner.
This picture just made me chuckle he was like "what, me?!" These boots seriously kept him entertained for a good 30 minutes :) Nothing much going on around here, this momma is thankful that it is the end of the work week! We had a rough night last night - poor Scouters had a seizure the night the Kepplinger's arrived and ended up having two more last night. It is just awful and we feel so bad for our poor boy. The vet said to just watch him and they are common in dogs but I sure hope they go away! We have no big plans this weekend and I love it! I am sneaking away on Saturday night for a baby shower and I can't wait for that. Otherwise we will be staying warm at home :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Silly Goose

This silly little goose has been having fun terrorizing his dogs lately! He is just so funny, he loves them - and most of the time they love him! He calls them "Scott" and "Segoona" (they are Scout & Sedona) and it's just so funny. He bosses them around, feeds them, lets them outside. He is just a funny little man!

We were having fun the other day just taking pictures and laughing at the funny ones of Scott and Goona - we are really fun like that :)

Kissy Face!

Even though Connor had a little trouble sharing his "turf" while Reaggie was here - we are pretty sure they are still destined to be married :) I mean...they smooched! Steph and I kept laughing about all of the rehearsal dinner video and footage we will have for these two little love birds! The video is a little blurry, but it was the best we could do!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kepplinger's Visit!

My best friend and her sweet little family came to visit us this weekend! We were so looking forward to this weekend - spending time with each other, the kiddo's, the husband's, shopping, eating and catching up! We definitely did all of the above and had a great time!

 The four of us snuck out to dinner sans kiddos on Friday night and had a great time! Caitlin and her friend Monica were so sweet to watch the kiddos - we laughed though, we were home by 8:30!! Long gone are the weekends where we partied till the wee hours of the morning :) Steph and I snuck away on Saturday afternoon to shop and have a little dinner date at Maggiano's. It was so wonderful to get out and shop with my best friend, I even tried to be trendy with some skinny jeans!! Haha! She scored some fabulous deals, my favorite were her $3 black leggings!!
The boys had a day to themselves on Sunday and hit up the Casino! I think they enjoyed getting out of the house for a bit and enjoy downtown St. Louie, ha!!
 These two little boogers are pretty cute, but kept us on our toes the whole weekend! Any by that I mean Connor. He was a total stinker most of the weekend and not the most accommodating host. He was so very excited to see his Reaggie, but a little unsure about her playing with his toys :) Anyone have any advice on sharing??! Ha!

Steph got some cute pictures of the kiddos, I barely took my camera out, how unlike me!! We were so excited to have our visitors this weekend and our house feels way too quiet without them. We are already anxiously awaiting the next visit, we think maybe something in the warmer weather though :) Connor has been asking for "Reaggie, Aunt Steph and Uncle Kesh" since they left, I think he missed them as much as the rest of us! Thanks for making the trip Kepplinger's, we can't wait to see you again soon!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


This little stinker (I had to bribe him with an "m" to let me take the picture) was reading upstairs with me in our bedroom. He accidently dropped the book he was getting ready to give me. He said "oh shit!" and went on his merry way.

I seriously almost peed in my pants.

He said it like it was totally normal - it may or may not have reminded me of something I said recently. Whoops! Looks like we are at the point where we have to watch what we say :) 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So I was at my mom's house last week and I left the little booger alone for 2 seconds. I called him, couldn't find him, got a little nervous, got REALLY nervous when I heard running water, made my brother come with me and this is what we find. Shaving cream all over the face, brushing his teeth.

He makes me giggle all day long - we were all seriously dying of laughter. He is at this stage where he can not be left alone for a moment! He gets into things I never knew possible. He went behind me last week and colored on the risers of the steps after I finished painting them white. I think he had a marker stashed under the couch for such occassions. He put the meat thermometer in the microwave the other day, while I was in the kitchen. We were both in the bathroom (you should see our bathroom, it's small!) and he managed to dump a whole bottle of body wash on his little body - with me right there. I swear he is like Houdini - I don't even see him doing it sometimes it happens so fast. He is a little stink pot and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Christmas 2010

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year! I have said it a dozen times but there is nothing like watching the holidays through the eyes of your child. It was just magical this year - C loved the decorations, the "kissmas tree" and just everything about it. It was so fun and it already has me excited for next Christmas :) I am pretty sure Connor is going through present withdrawal - he seriously opened gifts for a week straight between his birthday and Christmas, it was so much fun! 

He requested cars for Christmas and was so excited to see all the goodies Santa left him. He was SO fun to watch opening gifts, he was getting so into it. Laying across them and yelling out what everything was. Sweet little thing. We had a tiny snafu on Christmas morning when we went to light a fire to realize that there were some leaves stuck up there from the previous owner. The whole house filled with smoke and we were all outside, in the snow, on the front porch. Thankfully everyone/thing was okay and we were back inside in no time. Ha! Connor had opened up one of his presents, a remote controlled garbage truck so he had fun driving that all over the porch. We must have looked so funny in our jammies and coats!

In his little Christmas jammers from Nonny! I love the tradition of new jammies on Christmas so that is what we started this year. Bj and I don't typically get each other anything for Christmas, so we stuck pretty close to that this year. We used our Best Buy gift certificate and bought a flip video camera and we love it! I have to get some videos posted. Other than that we are saving for our new kitchen :) Though, Bj did get me the little heater I wanted for the bathroom and he got a golf bag organizer and new jamms. After we opened presents at our house, Nonny and Uncle Davey stopped by and then it was off to Ne-Ne and Paw-Paw's!

Cute little cousins! We were once again spoiled and so happy to be around our wonderful families. We stayed with the family for a little while and then we were off to Nana and Grandpa's house! Where, you guessed it, we were spoiled again :)
I didn't get a family picture of the three of us, but this one made me - kind of sums up how easy it is to get a "good" picture of my squirmy little toddler man!

We had such a wonderful time with Nana and Grandpa celebrating Christmas and Nana's birthday! Connor was totally spoiled - among his favorite: the toolset from Aunt Jen and the motorized Harley from Nana and Grandpa! He was a little unsure of it at first, but come this spring he is going to be terrorizing the neighborhood on it, ha!!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends - we had an absolutely wonderful birthday and holiday season this year. We think it's a pretty great way to end the year. We are looking forward to 2011 and all that it will bring! We hope you had a Merry Christmas as well!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Can you dig it?

 After going to the Magic House and dining on "no-no's and chicken" for Connor's actual birthday, we invited our friends and family over for his birthday party on the 19th. It was so much fun and I just had the best time getting everything pulled together! I had so much fun I didn't even really take that many pictures: cue: I was running around like a crazy lady!! C is so into his cars, trucks and anything that "go's" so the them this year was construction. We had the cutest little invitation, I will have to upload a picture and the colors I worked with were orange, brown, a little red and yellow.
My favorite little favors were the plastic construction hats and toolbelts! I just thought they were a little too cute, I found the hats at the dollar bin at Target over the summer and I used scraps of construction themed fabric to make the little tool belts. I thought they turned out pretty cute :) C would only keep the hat on for a hot second and was not about to put the toolbelt on, but you can see them in the next picture. :) I also had little dump trucks (from the dollar store), playdough, construction stickers in a little favor bag to take home.

 I like to try and keep the meals simple and not anything people would eat over the holidays since we celebrate the week before Christmas. This year we had fruit, veggies and chicken alfredo pasta and a pasta with meat sauce (I seriously can't think of the name of it, I am about to call my momma!). I also had pub mix that I put in a dump truck, so cheesy but I thought it made the table look nice and festive! It's times like this I am thankful we don't yet have dining room chairs for out table, it made a great little serving area! It's hard to see, but I made a cute little table runner - C loves it and likes to point out all of the bulldozers on it. I forgot to take a picture of my drink table, it was pretty cute too, haha!
 I had all kinds of little activites for the kiddos to do until I realized that we were having 25-30 of our closest friends and family over...and we have a tiny house! I had Connor's little table out for coloring, but the big kids ended up playing in Connor's room and the little babies napped on the table in their car seats - it worked out perfect!
 I thought Connor's little shirt turned out cute, he loves bulldozers and he was so excited to show off his "2". I love making stuff for him that he likes, it just makes my heart happy. He has since requested to wear it a few dozen times :) I did the "2" for him to wear on his actual birthday and then this number that matched the theme of the party.
 Auntie G once again outdid herself with Connor's awesome cake! He was seriously beside himself because their were trucks on his cake, he thought it was the coolest thing ever. He also had fun picking the candy's off the side :) He loves it when we sing happy birthday to him - he just stood on the chair like a big boy and blew out his candle with the help of Nonny.
 Seriously, isn't that the cutest little cake? I already can't wait to see what she comes up with next year! Also, a little biased but that's one pretty cute little 2 year old!
 Nana and Grandpa found him this birthday cake, it is the cutest little thing ever and will now be what I get all two year olds. He loves it. We sing "happy day" to everyone in the family at least three times a day, it's pretty funny. You actually "blow" out the candles too, it is darling!
 C was spoiled rotten and has so many fun cars to play with - he loves it! Every morning he gets so excited to play with all of his goodies. He loves his race car rug from Nonny too, he lays on the floor and pushed the cars all over :) Sweet thing.
 It is hard to tell and the one set of balloons are flying away, but I thought I was a little too clever (hahahaha!). I found this set of construction cones at the dollar bin over the summer and they were what held up the balloons, I loved it :) C, Daddy and I are totally into the movie Cars now (thanks Aunt Jen!) and I love that it tied in with the "Cozy Cone Motel" - I am seriously a dork, should I have this much fun planning a birthday party? I think so too!

 He spent the rest of the afternoon being goofy and showing off for everyone. Here he is showing you what Paw-Paw does when he watches football! He was WIRED until everyone left and his momma and daddy were beat. I was seriously so tired I didn't know if I was going to make it to his 7:30 bedtime. Thankfully at 6pm he looked at me and said "seepy seep please" and I happily obliged. The little man didn't move a muscle until 8:30 the next morning, ha!
I try so hard to make sure that Connor has a special birthday away from Christmas. I know it may not always be the case, but I sure hope it is. I hope he knows how much we love him and we can't wait to see what this next year brings.