Thursday, February 14, 2013


I can't remember if it was last week or the week before but we woke up to snow!! It was so fun, I don't think any of us realized how much we were going to get and it was so fun to run around and play in it! Thankful for hand me downs, I was able to get Connor all ready to go so he was toasty warm playing outside! He loved it! I think he played outside all morning and then came in for hot chocolate :)
Nothing like a little free manual labor :) I think Bj is excited to have some help out there shoveling away!

Nana found this little snow sled for Connor and gave it to him for Christmas - it was so perfect! I was so glad we had at least one good snow so he could use it - I am not kidding he was up and down the hill about 100 times. It was adorable! I have a few videos of him, but I can't remember how to upload them, haha! I am feeling big, pregnant and lazy so I am going to settle for pictures :) 

I just love his sweet face. 

He was all over this thing - the dogs kept chasing him down the hill - Sedona finally sank her teeth into it, but we sure had fun all morning playing with it! 

Our neighbors came over to try out the new sled and big the biggest snowman they could! I couldn't believe how big they got it, they used up most of the snow but it was a pretty darn good snowman :) It was funny he took a long time to melt - even with the much warmer temps the next day!

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