Sunday, February 17, 2013


My sweet, sweet friends threw me a little sprinkle last weekend for sweet baby J! We had talked about doing it right before bedrest so it was postponed - I said anytime after 36 we were good to go! :) They did such a nice job and it was such a fun morning spoiling this sweet little baby on the way! Surprisingly the pregnant lady was first in line for the food - we had homemade cinnamon rolls and they were amazing, I am not ashamed to admit that I ate a whole pan myself and I didn't share. And I didn't feel bad :)
It was a diapers/wipes/gift card shower and it was so fun! We are good to go on diapers for a little while which is amazing and I have some fun gift cards to buy my bedding with - I can't wait! I am not going to lie, they are packed away in my hospital bag :) 

They did a little "Team Girl/Team Boy" theme and when everyone came in they picked a clothespin that was pink or blue for their guess - it was funny to see what people thought! It looks like Team Girl is the winner - only time will tell! 

Team Boy - Auntie G couldn't decide between boy and girl so she represented for both sides! I got to represent for both sides too and I am thankful - everyday I think something different! 

Nonny made sure to represent both boy and girl items :) 

My sweet hostesses, they did such a wonderful job and it was so fun celebrating this sweet baby! Jess is on call and plans to put pink or blue balloons out when the little one arrives - she said that way the neighborhood will know that the new baby has arrived! 

My sweet family, I love each and every one of them - I am a lucky girl and sweet baby J is a lucky little baby, lots of wonderful people waiting to love on this sweet sugar! 

After the shower I made my family stay and go on a walk/waddle with me - it was fun! I think they were afraid I was going to go into labor on the walk - but I did not! Connor loved having everyone around, usually our walks are not so exciting :) It was such a wonderful morning and I am so incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people around me. I don't take for granted what a lucky girl I am. I can't wait to welcome this sweet little one into this family! :) 

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