Friday, February 15, 2013

Life Since Bedrest via Instagram!

It may sound very vain, but the first thing I did when I was released from bedrest was get my haircut. It had been about a year and a half since I had it cut and I just needed to get some weight off the back of it! My split ends were out of control - she took off SIX inches! I think all six were split ends :) I went with a "long bob" and I love it!! It is so easy and I just love not having the other six inches to deal with! Oh, the maid must have been off duty, look at that dirty mirrow - hahah! I think the "maid" is very pregnant and doesn't do a lot of windexing the mirror b/c said belly has a hard time reaching over the counter!
I finally had Bj get all the nursery bins down from the garage and I washed all the blankets, crib sheets, bobby covers, toys, car seats, pak n play, and gender neutral baby clothing. It was really fun to go through everything - how on earth was that boy below only 4lbs at birth?! I was bawling looking at his going home outfit, I just can't believe he was ever so small! He was a great helper and helped me organize everything - he also found a few goodies he "had to have because he loved them" haha!

I have been doing a little sewing for both my babies, I can't wait to give C his new blanket from Momma, I think he is going to love it :) He will probably like his gift from the babe better but I think he will enjoy a new blankey to love on :) 

We have been working (per dr's instructions) on walking this baby out! This was day one - he was wearing his "fastest running shoes". He would run ahead of me, come back and check on me and keep going, it was really funny!

We mainly do a lot of this - me propped up on the couch - him resting his legs on me somewhere and a dog waiting for him to drop his snack :) 

He looks like Dr. Evil in this picture! Poor Sedona is such a good sport :) 

Life if really rough for the dogs in this house - I mean, someone should really come and talk to us about the abuse! Ha! 

This was another day of walking babe out - I am pretty strict on C's wardrobe can you tell? Pj's, snow boots and his vest. I sure do love him a lot :) 

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