Friday, February 1, 2013

Boy or Girl?

We are getting so close! Yesterday marked 36 weeks, I can't believe it!! As we get closer and closer I can't stop thinking about who this little peanut is! I love not knowing the gender and its been really fun to guess along the way this time :) I hadn't been sleeping very well so I started taking lots of gender prediction quizzes in the middle of the night - they are so funny! According to four quizzes I took 3 say girl and 1 says boy. My trusty old chinese calendar says this little one is a girl as well! Only time will tell! I think my favorite one had to do with the older siblings hair line - if it was straight you were having the same gender, if it was in a "peak" you were having the opposite. Connor's is in a "peak" so we shall see how that one pans out!
As I am typing this C is sitting in what is left of my lap mapping out a calendar with when he and everyone else in our family thinks the baby is going to arrive. I liked all of the ones in February, I wasn't so happy with the dates "60 days away" that he was coming up with! :) haha!
I picked out a boy and a girl bedding that I liked for the "closet" as we lovingly refer to the nursery! Bj keeps laughing at me that I am going to barely finish giving birth and ask for the ipad to order the appropriate bedding :) I said that was untrue - but I guarantee I will order it the same day the baby is born :)
Connor is still standing firm in his vote that this is a baby girl! Bj said he is wavering and leaning towards boy, I think I am leaning towards girl but I have boy in there too (I don't know why I am holding the girl bedding out in the picture, I think B told me to turn to the side - these pics were taken in December, I am MUCH larger now!). I laughed as I have been getting a boy and girl thing ready that I keep forgetting I only get one, not one of each :) I am just so excited and happy waiting on this little one, I can't believe we are in baby month and this little babe could really come anytime they would like! I said I really love being excited at the end of the pregnancy, this is what it should be like not terrified like I was with Connor! I know I will be nervous, scared and happy all rolled into one when I go into labor but for now I am just really excited. And on a terror getting things as ready as I can :) 

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