Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Surprise, I am in St. Louis!

Hello World, It's me Connor!

My momma finally let me have a turn at the computer and this bloggy that she is always trying to write on! I just wanted to tell you all about my second adventure in St. Louis. Momma wanted to take another trip and introduce me to my Great Granny and Clete. So, she packed us up and off we went! I was really proud of her, she did a great job wrangling me through the airport all by herself. When we got into town, we went to see Granny Mary Pat and then straight over to Great Granny's (after picking up Auntie and Cousin Patrick). I had so much fun, I was looking cute in my St. Patrick's Day outfit, and I was so happy to finally meet the rest of my family. My GG was SO excited to meet me, she couldn't believe that we were there! I think she might have been a little excited to see my momma too!
The next day I got to spend the morning with my Nana and Grandpa and then it was some errands with momma. I had fun stealing my Granny away from her work on Thursday and Friday too. She also gave me baths in the sink again, I sure do love visiting my Granny! My GG loved me so much she came over to play with me on Thursday while momma snuck out and bought me a new hooded towel and some washcloths. We hung out with Auntie, Uncle Mike, Aunt Von, Aunt Sandra and Elijah, and Elise too! I saw the house that Uncle Johnathan built and Msgr. Sudekum gave me a blessing to tide me over until my baptism. It was a great vacation, I already can't wait to see everyone again! I think I am one lucky little boy to have such a great family already, I really love them!

Thanks everyone I love you and can't wait to see you soon!


Connor Francis

P.s. - My momma is stealing the computer back and posting about 100 pictures of me on my trip...she sure is a crazy one, but I really love her! :)

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