Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Boy Crib!

You got it, my sweet boy is sleeping in his big boy crib!!!

I am so proud of we just have to get him sleeping through the night in his room! We finally took the advice of the doctor and got a heater for his room because he loves it toasty and that was the trick we needed. He is getting pretty good about sleeping for four or so hours at a time! A feat I did not imagine a mere two months ago! At first I was worried I would have a hard time moving him from our room to his bed. As previously stated, he hated his bassinet. For the life of me I could not get him to sleep for more than 30 minutes when he was in there. I tried EVERYTHING to no avail. Finally one day I went against everything I said I would and put him in our bed. The little booger slept for 3.5 straight hours. I couldn't believe it. I now see how parents say they will do anything because I caved, if that was going to make him happy, I was more than willing to oblige. We had him in our room for about three weeks before weaning him into his crib. He has done fabulous and I really think we both enjoy having our own rooms and space. I love getting up and feeding him in his room in the middle of the night and I think he loves sleeping swaddled in his 85* room! All I can say is way to go Connor Francis, lets just work on sleeping through the night and giving your tired old momma and daddy a break!

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