Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Ready for Night-Nights!

We have a very nice little routine when it comes to bedtime. I am really big on baby/kiddo schedules, I think it is a benefit for the kiddo and the parents as well. I am slowly, now that he is three months, working in a schedule for the rest of the day - but we have had a little bedtime routine for some time now. We go upstairs and take a bath (every other or two days), get lotioned up, clean jammies, read some books and have a bottle. After that it is usually lights out for all of us! :)
So, I took a few snapshots of tummy time right before bathtime and some shots of him in his cute new hoodie towel, and sitting in the chair ready to read his books!

Cute boy in his new hooded towel, I was a little excited, could you tell? He got all snuggled in his jammies and he was out like a sweet little angel 3o minutes later. Night-night, Sleep tight sweet boy!

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