Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's A Blizzard!

It finally snowed!! For pretty much the first time this winter we have snow and not just snow, a BLIZZARD!! I was worried that Connor wasn't going to believe us that he was born in the middle of winter in Colorado, but at the first sign of snow I bundled him up, threw on Bj's ski stuff and ran outside to take a picture, I just couldn't help myself!

Luckily I was already working from home today so I didn't have to drive anywhere in this yucky weather, we already have about 10 or 11 inches and it is still snowing!! They are estimating 1 to 2 feet, I love it! Hopefully I will be able to work from home again tomorrow because the thought of driving anywhere in this does not thrill me in the slightest.
the backyard that we were going to put grass seed down on just over the weekend, good thing we didn't!
It's still coming down!!
I know this picture is sideways, but I thought it was too cute. He was all tuckered out after playing in the snow. Probably more so from momma and daddy telling him how much fun it is going to be when he is older and playing in the snow! He can run around and play with the doggers while I make homemade hot chocolate inside!

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