Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flat as a Pancake...

The other morning I was up before Bj, so I got Connor and gave him his breakfast. He fell asleep right after breakfast but I wasn't ready to lay back down, so I put him in bed next to his daddy. I ran downstairs to get something and when I came back upstairs this is what I saw. Sweet Pea flat as a pancake and sound asleep!Before you think we are the worst parents -- he LOVES to sleep on his belly. He was OH-SO-SPOILED in the NICU with a warm pad under his belly and able to sleep any way he pleased. At first I was hesitant but when I realized it was the only way he would sleep sometimes, I caved. My mom also said that we all slept on our bellies and we were just fine. I haven't been able to let him sleep in his crib on his belly (except during the day) but I do indulge him when I am awake and can check on him. I just can't help it -- the boy needs to sleep!
Just a little close-up of his sweet-as-can-be precious face, fast asleep!
I really do love this baby!!!

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