Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ice Cream, Baths, Carnival!

I just love this little cutie out of the bath tub :) Caitlin stopped by and snapped this for me! Sweet little stinker, he loves his baths! He splashes and I think the whole bathroom is wet by the time he is finished.
We walked to Yo My Goodness for Connor's school fundraiser, I mean we have to eat ice cream for dinner because it helps the school, right?! :)

I love the learning that comes with this age, and dry erase boards! Connor is always writing something one it. This one was 4 dollars and it was worth every penny!

Little cuties out for a walk!

We went to the Olivette carnival with Sandra and her crew - Connor was in heaven! We could have spent a fortune letting him go on the rides but his parents are mean (and cheap) and we only got the $10 pack of tickets and I think that got him three rides, haha! He LOVED the giant slide, his face was so funny as he was coming down it - little cutie!

I just loved Evs little crossed legs in this picture he is starting to "talk" more and more and I love this little "ooh" face! Sweet buddy :)

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