Monday, November 18, 2013

Brauetigam's Orchards, Pumpkin Patch #2!

We took our second trip to the pumpkin patch, another one we go to every year! We love the hayride out to the field, the apple cider slushies and this year we were early enough we were able to pick apples! 
Connor loves the apple cider slushes, they are pretty good :) I love that they give the little guys samples so they aren't getting too much! I would like to note that the weather did NOT warrent long sleeved sweaters, BUT I had bought matching sweaters for this very purpose and we were going to wear them so we did :) Poor kids, they were probably sweating by the end, haha!

Connor was on a mission, he was ready to find pumpkins for the whole family, it was pretty cute. He did a great job, he really picked one out for each of us, they were in "size" order too it was pretty cute. 

This was the best I got of my little pumpkins. Poor Connor was doing a good job smiling but Evs was distracted by everything going on :) 

Evs and I sat and watched Connor while he played with all of the machines and animals and he wanted to pose for a few pictures with our pumpkins. Sweet buddy!

We got dropped off while Daddy and Connor went to get the car. It was just another opportunity for me to take a few more pictures :) It was a great day at the pumpkin patch, we got all of our pumpkins and then we made some homemade applesauce for Evan and the rest of us to enjoy :) 

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