Saturday, November 16, 2013

Playing and the Magic House!

This little buster is getting so big! He just cruises around and sees what he can get into. As I am typing this he is pulling paper out of the trashcan in the office, under my feet :)
We didn't have this little toy when Connor was a baby and it was on my list to purchase when we had another one. Thankfully we were able to borrow it from a friend, he loves it!

Just crawling away :) He loves to crawl to Connor when he calls him. He is starting to get pretty fast!

He is pulling himself up on everything! As I type this too, he crawled up a step yesterday! Ah! It is only a matter of time before he is walking!

Connor has the best imagination, he loves to pretend play. It is one of my favorite things about him, I hope he always has such an active imagination. He took the dogs collars off and he was using them to transport everything he needed on his cozy coupe. It made me laugh, I thought it was a pretty good idea! They need to make the "mommy hook" for little boys :)

Eliot Chapel had pj night at the magic house and the boys and I had so much fun :) Connor was really sweet and shared a little of his time playing with in the baby area for Evs :) They had matching pj's on until Connor picked his nose on the way to dinner and has blood alll over the place. It was kind of funny but not really :) haha!

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