Sunday, November 3, 2013


This little cutie did his first little soccer practice and loved it! Funny little story about soccer :) They came home the first week and LOVED it! Connor learned a bunch of drills and had a great time. He couldn't wait to show me everything. He LOVED his coach, I was so happy as we had heard great things about this little program. The next few weeks Bj said the coach was gone and it was going okay, he said Connor was the only one who wasn't focusing. I was a little intrigued so when he asked me to go with him one day I did!
We got there and the replacement coach was very nice, but TERRIBLE! He didn't give them any instruction and then he asked the parents to come out and pass the ball back and forth with the kiddos. 45 MINUTES LATER we were STILL doing the same thing. I told Bj I was bored, it was no wonder that the kids couldn't pay attention. I felt much better knowing that it wasn't Connor or the other kids, it was the fact that at 3,4, and 5 they cannot concentrate on one thing for 45 minutes at a time. So, I called the head of the league and voiced my concerns. I am not one  to normally do stuff like that and I was a little nevous but he was very nice and assured me things would be better the next week. :)

They were and Bj said it was amazing what a good coach can do for the kids. He said they were doing drills every 5 minutes and Connor was back to loving it! It is such a fun time, I love watching him play sports and gaining confidence. That was what I was hoping he would have as this is the last year before kindergarten and its been great so far!

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