Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life Lately/iPhone Dump

We have had the most beautiful weather here lately, it is just amazing! Sometimes I feel guilty its so beautiful out, haha! Connor just finished up his spring break and I think we were outside all day everyday for almost the whole week. It rained a little towards the end of the week which was okay because I was able to get the house picked up, haha! Here are just a few shots from life before spring break.  
Reading books at school and going on Chick-A-Lay dates! Connor loves to play on the playground and he loves meeting his friends for lunch dates :) It is amazing how crowded that place is during the lunch hour, haha!!

Using our Magic House membership for some play dates! They have the neatest traveling tree house exhibit right now, the kiddos loved it! We had a great time playing, Connor was worn out - he fell asleep on the way home. I think his friend Maggie did too :)

Taking the dogs "or d,o double y's" as Connor calls them :) the park and having them catch the frisbee! We got spring fever pretty bad and decided to give the dogs there summer haircuts a few months early! Haha, we did it on a super windy day in the backyard - B was trimming, I was catching it with the wet vac. It was fun but I don't see B and I opening up a dog grooming business together anytime in the near future :)

I love this picture, Connor loves his doggies so much and I think the feeling is pretty mutual :) I actually think that sneaky little grin was because he was trying to evade his car seat and sit in the back with the dogs!

Visiting with Bella and Aunt Mags! They came to music class with us on Wednesday and we loved it! It was so fun having another friend come with us :)

Here he is ordering me around while I was working on orders at my mom's house :) Ha! I actually think he was taking my lunch order and reminding me of everything I needed to pick up at the grocery store :) Sweet little monkey!

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