Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Valentine's Day!

 I am behind again, I think that is the story of my life! But we have been busy and having fun so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad :) Ha! It's my way of justifying it! C's school had a little father/son breakfast for Valentine's Day and it was pretty precious! I kind of wish I had been invited, hehe! Thankfully B did a good job and took a few pictures for me. Look at the face on this kid - his "pout pout lip" is a whole other post, it's kind of hilarious.

 They did a little craft and had donuts for breakfast, Bj and Connor both said it was really fun and they enjoyed themselves :)
This was the best of all the pictures, the little stinker wouldn't smile for anything. I mean, can we say 3 years old in this picture, haha! We had a nice, quiet evening at home on Valentine's Day because we were leaving for our trip the next morning! Connor made the worlds cutest valentine for us at school, I am not kidding when I tell you I keep it in my purse, it is adorable. I just might post a picture of it :)

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