Monday, March 19, 2012

The Big 3-0!

 I hit a big milestone birthday this year, the big 3-0! I really just can't believe how fast the last thiry years have gone and I really can't believe I am no longer in my 20's it just doesn't seem real! I really enjoyed my 20's, I have so many wonderful memories and I am really looking forward to seeing what the 30's have in store for me! My BIG present this year was our trip to the DR and it was wonderful! My sweet mother in law and hubby also planned a little surprise party for me and it was wonderful! I was TOTALLY surprised!! I really thought we were just going to dinner with a little stop for a drink, I had no idea that some of my family and friends would be waiting to surprise me :) Thankfully our friend Charlie took some pictures so I have a few to remember the wonderful evening by!
Walking in, I was like "Did you do this?!" Haha! It was perfect there were about 15 people and it was just perfect we had some drinks and some appetizers and it was just so nice to hang out with everyone and chat!
 I think I said "I just can't believe this, what are you all doing here?!" about 100 times, I really couldn't believe that they pulled this off!

It was just such a wonderful evening and I totally enjoyed celebrating my birthday all week long! On my actual birthday, the next day Connor and I ran around and did some errands and just hung out. He didn't get the memo the whole day that it was my birthday because he was totally acting his age of 3 for the beginning of the day :) We went out to dinner the three of us and had the best greek food, came home for some Cup cupcakes and hung out! We watched The Bachelor and Alcatrez while I clipped coupons, hahaha! A far cry from some birthdays in my 20's but I wouldn't have it any other way :) I have been so blessed in my life, I love where I am, I love my family, friends and everything about my little life. I know the 30's are going to bring about even more wonderful memories!

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