Saturday, March 31, 2012

Steam Train

A steam train came through Webster the other night and it was so fun! We walked down to Yo My Goodness for some ice cream and a prime seat right by the train tracks.

They had so much fun playing with these rocks while we waited for the train, it is the little things in life that keep them happy :)

Connor ate grapes, a bite of cheese/turkey and ice cream for dinner. I mean, that works when a steam train comes through right?!

It was so neat! We could hear the whistle and see the steam puffing away as it came around the corner. It came so fast though I was too shocked to take a picture of the steam engine, haha! I only got the caboose :) It was really neat though it was a passenger train so all the people were waving and they were blowing the horn. It was really cool and we love trains so it was a nice little Tuesday evening fun!

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