Sunday, March 18, 2012

So I don't forget...

This child has been cracking me up lately - he can be a total bear and 3 has brought about many new challenges we have not yet faced, but he is absolutely hilarious and I love listening to the things that come out of his mouth (most of the time!). I just had to write some of them down so I don't forget :)

--Here he is with his legs crossed (refused to take the coat off too) making a grocery list while I shopped. He LOVES to make lists. He will also sit down with a pad and paper and go "okay, so what's your problem?". I mean...I have no idea where this came from!

--He got a handful of girl scout cookies the other day and while I was buckling him in his car seat he looks and me and says "Momma, these cookies make me happy!".

--He loves the phrase "I really hope so" or "I really wish that..."

--Loves the phrase "those damn dogs" AH!!! Sometimes it slips out of our mouth, we have had to make sure we remind him it's not a very nice thing to say.

--Saw some lightning last night on the porch and said "what's that? oh, someone must have just taken my picture." hahahahahahah!!!

--Told me the other day that boys drive jeeps and girls drive mini vans...what?! NO idea where he got that one from!

--Loves to play pretend - his current favorite is playing pirates in his new swing set in the backyard, he could play on it for hours!

--He loves to put his cars in my little purses, it's hilarious. He loves plastic bags, my reusable grocery bags, my little wristlet purses and containers - he loves the little ones because he can only put a few cars in them.

--He loves to make grocery lists, he will sit with a pen and paper and either take your order and cook you dinner or make a grocery or sam's list. He also sat down with a paper and pen the other day, crossed his leg, looked and me and said "okay momma, so what's your problem. tell me about your problem."

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