Monday, February 17, 2014

8 Months!

My sweet, sweet precious boy how on earth is this month 8?! I guess it really is true, time flys when you are having fun! You are just the sweetest, happiest, most laid back baby around. I know I say that every month, but you really are! You just fit so perfectly into our crazy little family :)
You are a moving machine!! I am seriously wondering if you will make it until your first birthday before you start walking. You roll over immediately when you are on the ground and you are pulling up on everything. I have a few pictures of you swatting at the camera :) You are starting to wave hi and bye, and I swear sometimes it sounds like you are saying "hi!". You are an eating machine, you are starting to want less of the pureed food and more of our food, but you need to get some teeth first! You really haven't found a food you don't like yet and you still LOVE sweet potatoes. I swear we could buy stock in sweet potatoes :) 

You are taking two good naps a day, nursing four times a day (and anytime you wake up at night, which really is rarely.) and you are eating all three meals with a little snack in there. You are so good in the car, you love looking out the window in your carseat. You have the sweetest face and disposition, we are so lucky to have you. You are finding your voice more and yelling and screaming a little more, I love all the extra noise, it makes me smile. You are your brother are interacting more and it's so fun to watch. 

You are a joy, you love to play with your toys and be with your family. You are still a total momma's boy and I am not complaining one bit about that :) You are such a precious little man and we love you so very much! Can't wait to see what month 9 has in store :) 

Connor likes to be involved in the montly shoots, and he is good at getting you to smile! I love these pictures of him, we will call these his last pictures before he turns 5 next month :) He is still such a great big brother to you, I am so blessed!

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