Wednesday, February 19, 2014

9 Months!

This little sweet pea is 9 months old! He is a wild man :) He never sits still, as you can see from these pictures where he is standing on his rocking chair :) Heaven forbid we sit down and say cheese for momma. He is the giggliest little boy, such a happy, precious personality and heart. My heart literally aches sometimes I love him so much. He is pulling up everywhere and his teeth are coming in! He was really having a tough time with it so I started saying I wish they would all come in at the same time. Well, the bottom two popped through at the same time and a week later the top FOUR popped in at the same time! Sweet guy, it was a hard week but he is so much happier now that they are in! He is also able to eat anything he wants now and he is a super happy dude.

His first official word: MAMA!!!!!!! Connor's was Dada so I am pretty excited that Mama was first for this guy :) I am positive he is really asking for more food, but I will take it. Oh, there is nothing like that sweet sound of him saying it over and over. I just love it. He is starting to play with his little trucks like Connor did and it's so fun to watch him. It always amazes me how smart babies are - how much they learn and pick up in the first year of life.
We had Evs 9 month check up this month and per usual Dr. Calfee said he is perfect! I kind of agree :) He is our sweet little sunshine - I can't believe his next milestone is his first birthday!!! 

9 Month Stats: 
Length: 29 inches (75%)
Weight: 19 lbs, 6oz
Height: 46 cm (75%)


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