Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blueberry Picking!

Nene and Clete go down to Gulf Shores every year for the winter, one year they met a woman and her husband who have a blueberry farm in Holland, MI. We have been wanting to try a new one out so we went this year and it was great! Nene's friend was so sweet and we had the best time picking blueberries this year. I think it may be our new spot.
Most of the boys went golfing and we went blueberry picking, the girls plus Bobby! It was FREEZING the day we went - I don't think we realized quite how cold it was going to be!

Evy was a trooper and hung out while Connor and I picked 10 pounds of blueberries! We were able to try all of the different kinds and pick all that we wanted - it was delicious!

Checking out Nene's basket - I think he wanted to make sure he picked the most. G turned some of her blueberries into blueberry pankcakes and waffles the next day, they were delish! I just finished making Evan some blueberries and he loves them! He has eaten them every morning for a week with his oatmeal :)

He was so proud of his pickings!

It was such a fun day - I love a good family outing! :)

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