Monday, October 21, 2013


We love when our new ND shirts come in the mail and this year I died a little when I saw ALL of my boys in them :) Evs is sporting C's first shirt - I love it! It is SO fun to pull out all of Connor's old clothes, I love it. I always remember the fun memories associated with them. I will never be able to part with any of them after both my babies have worn them! haha!
We have been riding bikes alllll summer long and its been so fun! Connor's bike just stays on the front porch, we don't even put it away anymore. He was given a new to him bigger bike from the neighbor boys and we practiced a little this summer without training wheels! He did well, but still leans to the side too much. We are going to work on balance but I am pretty sure we will not have training wheels next summer.

I love the pictures of them just playing - they were just being silly on the floor. I think I love these memories the most with my sweet boys!

I love this boy to pieces!

We had a HOT late summer so we had to cool off in our large pool in the front yard :) We are all about classing up our street! :)

I LOVE everything about this picture. C loves to feed Evan and I love watching him. He even does the sign language and helps Evan to open his mouth so big. I really just feel so blessed!

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