Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year!

We had a nice little low key New Years over here, Connor had a little ear infection so we just took had a little dinner and hanging out! Bj had to work during the day for a little while so we took a pictue of us stealing his snuggie :) I had a dr appointment in the morning and Connor ended up having to go in as well - after that we were on the couch the rest of the day :)
We had some dinner and a sparkling grape juice toast - you would have thought C won the lottery he thought it was the best thing ever! He goes "I want to toast 6 times in a row!" and he kept refilling our glasses - he loved that we drank it out of real champagne glasses too :)

Cheers to 2013! We made lots of memories in 2012, had some hard times and had a great time as a little family. The best part of 2012 was finding out that little britches was arriving sometime in 2013. I have a feeling he/she will also be the best part of our 2013 :) I am so thankful for everything that 2012 brought and I am really looking forward to this next years adventures!

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