Monday, January 14, 2013

Hanging Out!

Bj left town with his family for the Notre Dame national championship game last week - he had a great time but was obviously disappointed with the outcome of the game! My mom, aunt and cousin came over Saturday night for a "girls night" we had such a fun time hanging out, eating pizza and chatting! We did laugh at one point when all of us were sitting on the couch with some type of phone, ipad or kindle - this world of technology is amazing :) I didn't get any pictues of all of us, but I just wanted to remember how lucky I am to have family who will drop everything to help me out :) My mom got the short end of the stick and had to stay with us until Tuesday and she did a great job sewing my kitchen curtains while I "supervised" from the couch :) I took this picture of Scout boy and told Bj that there were worse things in life than being one of our dogs or kids :) He was looking at me like "What all you do is sit around all day baking the baby why can't you pet me?!"
I may look horrific but I love any picture I have of my sweet boy - he loves to snuggle! He has been sick with a high fever since Saturday night so we have been getting lots of snuggles in. I tell you what, that is the best thing ever. Today we were resting upstairs and he was asking all kinds of questions about the baby. How we would hold the baby, could he put the baby in the crib, how the baby gets out of my tummy, and if we could snuggle the baby. I asked him what the first thing he was going to do was and he said "give the baby some love" - he really is too sweet for words. I taught him how to swaddle using his blanket and scully as guides and he thought that was pretty funny. 

He was playing the other day and goes "look momma, where am I?!" oh yeah he had rolled himself up in the carpet runner - he sure is a silly little one!

He was so excited for game day! We sent daddy a little video message, it was cute! Maybe next year they will go back and win!! That about sums up our last week!

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